DUEL SPORT RIDERS!!! You asked and we have delivered!!!

In April of 2019 we launched the new game changing ThirstyRock Hydration Tank Bag system…. ushering in the best new way for riders of all kinds to hydrate safely while riding!

Throughout the next several months at motorcycle rallies and events across the country we spoke with 100’s and 100’s of riders. We were asked by many of you if we could come up with a design of our proven hydration gear to fit inside your own tank bags. You wanted our proven system to be able to work in your own favorite tank bags so you could have our system and also be able to carry your own riding accessories. We would continue to hear this very same request time and time again throughout the next several months from dual sport and long distance riders at rallies across the country.

Well, we listened to what you said and then we did something about it.

Introducing the new TRH 3.2 Pack Prototype!!!

These pictures are of the new Patent Pending TRH 3.2 Pack Prototype. Our new design has all of our proven dual thermal engineering, our custom 3.2 liter bladder (just under a gallon) with the retractable reel and insulated hydration hose. The difference? Our original design has been trimmed down to a slim, space saving…9x9x5 inches!

We anticipate that the TRH 3.2 Pack will be ready for sale by Christmas 2019!

This all-new design allows you to slide the hydration pack into your own tank bags, with the insulated hose extended outside and secured to an exterior anchor point.

The new design also provides D-rings for other mounting options, a convenient handle for carrying, shoulder straps so that the 3.2 Pack can be taken off and worn like a backpack and 2 different bite valves, one straight bite valve (for full-face helmets) and an angled bite valve.

The retractable reel keeps the hydration hose secure to your tank bag exterior allowing you to hydrate and have the hose safely return out of the way.

The bright blue connector grip provides your eyes with a peripheral target for your hand to easily find the hydration hose while keeping your eyes and your attention on the road.

The hydration gear has dual thermal aluminum lining that deflects 96% of radiant heat.  The first thermal liner is removable for cleaning, while the second liner is engineered into all 6 sides of the 3.2 Pack.  These liners work together to keep the 3.2 liters of ice water, ice cold for up to 8 hours in 100 degree temperatures.

Wherever you’re fueling up, simply disconnect the bladder from the 3.2 Pack and fill it with ice and water from a soda fountain and you’re ready to go!

The science is out there…proving that drinking ice cold water not only hydrates us, it also helps cool our body core temps down!   When this happens, studies show that our bodies react physiologically and psychologically, literally making us feel good.  Our hydration gear takes the misery out of the heat when riding…period.

ThirstyRock Hydration Gear…Proven, Life Saving, The Future in Rider Hydration.