QT Newsletter – DirecTV to Drop Sons of Anarchy?

DirecTV to Drop Sons of Anarchy?

As shocking as it may seem, for a show that has broken records for FX Networks and been renewed for another season, word of the threat comes from none other than the show’ s creator, Kurt Sutter.

On Tuesday’s broadcast of SOA, Kurt himself made the announcement, which was repeated during several commercial breaks. Kurt (who also plays Otto on the show and is married to Katey Sagal) said that DirecTV is pulling FX Networks off the air by November 1st, and that fans could miss the last 5 episodes of the season. He referred concerned viewers to http://www.keepmynets.com/where it states “DirecTV says Fox Networks wants a 40% increase. That’s just not true.”

Kurt Sutter

Quick Throttle called DirecTV and we were told that they’ve received a lot of calls on this (it was only 9 am, the following morning) but that they could not answer our inquiry until November 1st.  They referred us to http://www.ourpromisetoyou.com/, where one finds the claim that “Newscorp has demanded that DirecTV customers pay nearly 40% more…”  they then show you a bunch of misleading pie charts and graphs that are supposed to make you feel better about their position on this.

FX tells us “We’ve asked them to pay the same price…..that their competitors (Dish, Cablevision, etc) pay. AND, we are willing to keep our channels on while we continue talks…”