Desert Wind Harley-Davidson/Mesa Bikes on Main

By Perry Nelson

Traci and I caught ‘Wind’ that “Desert Wind Harley-Davidson of Mesa” is now the new name of the former Chester’s Harley-Davidson of Mesa, Arizona. Sorry for the pun. Not to worry; the same beautiful machines, quality H-D parts, and customer service is still there. Desert Wind has everything from starter motorcycle classes to putting you behind the wheel of a 2016 Harley-Davidson of your choice.

October 14th Press Release: Ray Croghan, a motorcycle enthusiast with over 50 years’ experience riding all over the world, has become the Principal Owner and Dealer Operator of Desert Wind Harley-Davidson. William Fisher, a veteran of the United States Air Force who served in Vietnam, will partner with Croghan.

“I have looked at dealerships all over the country and was drawn to the Mesa dealership by the customer base, staff, location and facilities,” said Croghan. “Harley-Davidson has set the standard for what American-made motorcycles should be and I am excited about this opportunity to provide the loyal customers of this renowned brand with quality customer service, community outreach and exceptional events.”……………

“Deb Metcalfe has been appointed the General Manager of Desert Wind Harley-Davidson. Metcalfe brings more than 12 years of dealership management experience and has been in retail since 1981. Prior to coming to Desert Wind Harley-Davidson, she was General Manager of Loess Hills Harley-Davidson in Pacific Junction, Iowa. Missi Hughes will remain Marketing Manager.”

Traci and I had just heard about this change from Chester’s to Desert Wind the day before Mesa “Motorcycles on Main” started back up. Mesa “Motorcycles on Main” is a large event that takes place….obviously ….on Main Street in Mesa; about 6-blocks are blocked off the first Friday night of every month for vendors, bands, bike clubs, and everyday riders….etc…about 1000 folks in all.

Mesa Motorcycles on Main is a really fun event that runs 9 months a year; mainly because from July through September it is just too hot outside here in the desert. The City of Mesa helps out; they stop the train that normally runs down the middle of the street, off duty police are friendly and keep an eye out so nobody gets hurt crossing the tracks, and only bikes are allowed to park on this part of Main…. food, drink, dancing, checking out the vendors with their motorcycle gadgets and tricked out bikes is all part of the fun.

While Traci n I were milling around Bike Night, we ran across Deb Metcalfe and Rodger Pitocco at a Chester’s H-D booth, they told us about the new owner and how things are not really going to change too much with the employees. After talking to Deb, the new General Manager, we could feel a new energy and excitement. Deb is a real biker and we found out the next day so was the owner Ray Croghan … The new owner’s “Meet and Greet”… “Patio Party” was the next day at the dealership location.

Well, kind of goes without saying…we were there the next day. First thing we noticed was the Chester’s H-D signs were still up, we talked to Missi Hughes (Marketing Manager) and she said “Hey we just changed ownership Thursday”… “today is Saturday!”

Hummmmm…I smell food …I smell something… what is that? Is that fried catfish? Are you kidding me? Fried chicken or fried fish too…free beer….. I got a really good first impression of Desert Wind H-D… meeting Ray Croghan for the first time was like reuniting with an old friend, I’m really happy to say that the best employees are still there through the ownership change…too many to name.

Rodger Pitocco, Desert Wind’s Motorcycle Sales Manager (stayed on board from Chester’s), as always, had a great charity going on. This one was a Teddy Bear Drive sponsored by the dealership and the local HOG chapter. There was a huge stack of teddy bears right by the dealership main entrance set to go to “The Mesa Family Advocacy Center” that upcoming Friday. The Teddy Bears are to help kids whose parents or guardians are involved in violent crimes or accidents to help ease the pain and trauma of losing a loved one.. They are used by the police, fire dept. rescue etc..

Desert Wind Harley-Davidson is one of the best dealerships to purchase a new H-D. Purchasing a bike from these folks is like being a part of a family…Always there for support as well as service.