Daytona Bike Week’s 75th Anniversary

BY Pastor Z.

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Daytona Bike Week’s 75th Anniversary was incredible this year. I arrived on Weds. Night, and BFC Poet got to hang out in Ocala with BFC Poet, who loaned me his beautiful Dyna Wide Glide. Thank God for my brothers who help me out with HD’s when I travel – I really appreciate you guys, and you know who you are. We had BFC members from quite a few different states as the Daytona Rally – is a Regional Gathering for our crew.

One of the coolest things about Daytona Bike Week is that it covers about 100 square miles of sights and sounds. And we of course, try to hit them all – in one week. On Thursday morning we peeled out to head to meet up our other bro’s – and then jumped on the scoots and rolled out for: Willie’s Tropical Tattoo’s Legendary Bike Show. Willie also hosts “The Horse Backstreet Chopper’s” show and together they are pretty unbeatable.

The Double-Billed Show draws everything from: Flatheads, Knuckles, Pans, Shovels, Evos, Twin Cams, – along with vintage Indians, Excelsiors, Triumphs, and even some “off the chains” crazy Japanese contraptions.

The sweet smell of exhaust, gasoline, and the sound of some seriously loud thunder blasting on Hgwy. 1. There were also some Indian Larry builds, and other tasty custom choppers. Some of my favorites were the rigid & wishbone choppers with 30 over springers and girder front-ends… (I know some of the youngsters are thinking – what’s a wishbone or a girder)…?

Anyway we had a blast, and I of course took at least a hundred pics catching some great shots of some awesome bikes.

The next day we hit Destination Daytona Harley Davidson – one of the world’s largest HD shops. The complex covers quite a few square miles with JP Cycles, plus 200+ vendors of all types. There are also on-site restaurants serving every type of food that you can imagine. They also had some great bands cranking out some awesome rock n’ roll cranking from the two on-side stages. Destination Daytona HD is a must-see for all of the the rally attendees.

The next morning we hit Beach Street and it was totally packed on both sides of the street. While there we visited the Indian store, and headed into the vendor areas. The back lot featured the Ed Roth “Big Daddy Rathole Chopper Show”. The bikes that were featured there were incredible… everything from ‘The Snake Bike”, Frankenstine-Vampire looking choppers, to the ‘Super-heroes Hall of Fame” Bike Display – this show reached everyone – in all ages and stages of life.

After more rides and more food we were ready for some coffee to recharge the batteries. That evening we had some of the best Pizza that I’ve ever had.

One of my favorite stops was – the huge Daytona Outdoor Bike Swapmeet – that had two stages that were rockin’, and a couple hundred vendors with a lot of “old school bike parts”. We felt like “little kids” in a Mall-Sized Candy Store – while we were finding buried treasure in bike parts across the acres of parts. There were a lot of really hard-to-find items – that were in piles that the bro’s were scooping up for their back-home garage builds and vintage bikes.

Then we rolled to the International Speedway – where they host the Daytona 500 and so many other huge events. Again there were rows of vendors, stages, ad so many awesome things to look at. The latest technology items, and all of the bike brands were there. It was absolutely amazing, and took 1/2 a day just to scratch the surface. Another incredible Bike Week was wrapping up – but we of course we just had to take one more ride to see if we missed anything, and of course – you just can’t cram it all into a few days. Until next year…

– Your Roving Reporter & Sharp Shooter, Pastor Z.