Days of Thunder at El Cajon Harley

Days of Thunder at El Cajon Harley

Story & Photos by Randy Twells

The weekend was perfect. Blue sky in the El Cajon Valley, nice spring weather, some awesome bikes to ride, what more could you want? Even the brand new Breakout was part of the mix! El Cajon Harley-Davidson gave a party to celebrate the Demo Truck coming for everyone to try out all the new 2013 Harleys. El Cajon HOG provided the personnel to staff the sign up booth. There was music by the band Serious Guise- great rock n roll with some funky bass, food to keep you going, plenty of shady tables and chairs, and a bikini bike wash to clean you up! Two days of thunder St. Patrick’s Day weekend and you could ride every one of these bikes by the end of the two days.

All day long every half hour or so, a chalk talk session was headed up by Road Captain, so the riders would know what to expect & what route would be taken, and generally some tips on how they wanted the group to flow on the highway. Road Captains included El Cajon H-D’s Admin Mgr. Rob Poindexter (lead) & Web Sales Mgr. Rico Gulka (sweep), along with middle road captains from El Cajon HOG: Mike Crescitelli and Tom Vacala. This group of dealer staff and HOG members worked together to ensure everyone had a really great day of riding many different bikes.

I met up with one woman rider who mentioned that she had actually sold her bike over a year previous, and now had decided to come out for the Demo event to consider getting back on the horse again. Before knowing about the Demo event she had bought a ticket for a play in San Diego, but asked her friend to try to sell it for her as she now wanted to do the Demo rides instead! She waited and waited for the call, and I don’t know if it ever came, but she stayed, and was right at the front of the column next to Rob Poindexter on at least one of the test rides.

Last but not least I met up with old friends and longtime El Cajon HOG members Wendell and Bart Perry. Still going strong and today here helping staff a bake sale support booth for the BAD Ride.

Out front, riders who came to do the test rides had plenty of room to park their bikes with HOG chapter volunteers directing traffic and everything running like smooth clockwork, while inside the dealership, business was brisk. Our hosts General Manager Brett Dickinson and Marketing Manager Tina Hook saw to it that everyone had two great days of thunder!

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