David Kohlstaedt Joins Steve Huff Motorsports In The Roland Sands Designs Super Hooligan Ama National Championship Series

Progressive Insurance, powered by Indian Motorcycles, Roland Sands Designs Super Hooligan National Championship Series follows the nation’s top hand built motorcycle shows. Steve Huff Motorsports joins the series in the 3rd round at the HandBuilt TT in Austin, TX, April 13th, 2019. Now in its 4th year, Super Hooligan meshes an international group of riders and custom builders working to race custom street bikes on the dirt with an attitude to match the insanity of it all.

Everyone in the Huff Motorsports camp knew that Steve’s recent trip to Salem, OR to check out the Roland Sands Designs Super Hooligan Series after the One Show was going to lead to “another vehicle” added to our racing stable. But no one could have guessed that we would gain a new rider too.

David Kohlstaedt (Puyallup, WA) is a 15 year old with 14 championships under his belt so far, including being named the AMA Youth Dirt Rider of the Year and achieved his AMA Expert Road Racing License *WMRRA (WA Motorcycle Road Racing Assn) Expert License at 10yo. David has raced and been mentored by Sammy Halbert over the last couple of years.

Steve reached out to long time sponsor Destination Harley-Davidson about getting involved. Great riders, Custom Builders, coming together to race, how could they say no? David will be racing on a XG750 Harley-Davidson modified by David Kohlstaedt Sr. and Steve Huff Motorsports for racing in the Flat Track Series. Affectionately named “Huff-sqvarna David & Son”, the style is based on David’s favorite Noise Cycles’ custom Harley-Davidson.

Steve Huff is a veteran of racing with over 20 years of experience racing motorcycles, dragsters, and hydroplanes. Finding David Jr., practically in our backyard, racing at a professional level from such a young age is phenomenal. When asked about racing in the series himself, Steve says “Racing the hydroplane, world’s fastest AC electric dragster and getting ready for the television show, I think I’ve got enough irons in the fire. Besides there is no way I would be able to beat David on the Flat Track, the kid is awesome!” Steve looks forward to mentoring David Kohlstaedt and paying forward on all of the amazing teachers he had in his career including Jim McClure and Alan Sputhe, just to name a couple. “I can see David setting records at Bonneville very soon,” says Huff.

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Roland Sands Design Super Hooligan National Championship Series “Ride the Lightning”



About Steve Huff Motorsports:

Steve Huff races on the dirt, asphalt, salt, and water. Steve Huff has set records on every vehicle he has ever raced taking home over 15 speed records and championships in his career. His career includes building and racing some of the fastest vehicles in the world. His custom motorcycles featured on covers of motorcycle magazines for years all with a focus on performance, but was recently called “The best custom bike builder you’ve never heard of”. Over the last 2 years Steve has raced hydroplanes nationally including his first appearance at SeaFair in 2018. Steve Huff is working on development of an educational television series called “SPEED GEEKS – The Science of Speed”.

About David Kohlstaedt:

David Kohnstaedt, a native of Puyallup, WA has trained with top racers on both the dirt and pavement. After receiving his *WMRRA (WA Motorcycle Road Racing Assn) Expert License, he was mentored by Sammy Halbert, Mark Degross, Nobi Iso, and Brad Baker, David. He was one of the top 10 riders invited to the American Supercamp Invitational in 2015 at the AMA Pro Flat Track season finale in Las Vegas. This was the same year that David was named the AMA Youth Dirt Track “Rider of the Year”. In 2019 David was featured by Roadracing World as one of the top 25 “Young Guns”. At the age of only 15, David has achieved 14 championships.