Cycle Expo Super Swap

By Tracey Kohman

This past week I ventured out to the “Cycle Expo Super Swap” in Syracuse, NY. It was at the State Fairgrounds, so I expected it to be big and I wasn’t disappointed. As I looked around, it was obvious to me that this was where every biker enthusiast was spending their Saturday.  The first stop in my adventure was to seek out the man responsible for making it all come together, Frank Westfall. While he arranged leather he told me how proud he was to have held this event successfully for the last 38 years.

There was so much to see, I knew I better get moving or I wouldn’t get to see everything! First, I had to check out the bling…I’m always on the lookout for some sort of skull trinket. There were so many to choose from…I tried on many…and they had such incredible prices I could’ve cleaned them out! I did find a beautiful piece, with a small red coffin with a band made of a skeleton, its beautiful and easily my favorite! My next stop was “the hat man.” He had a beautiful selection of high quality handmade hats, each one unique.

First bike I came across was a beautiful red skull bike…it was calling to me from the other side of the room! It was love at first site! All that shiny chrome! The shiny red, the glowing white skulls! And my first thought was “I MUST have it!”. I was told its “not for sale.” I was bummed!



I recovered quickly when I saw all those around me talking, laughing, and back slapping. There was still so much to see! There was the ABATE booth, Budweiser booth, American Legion, lots of parts, and airbrush artists. I stopped and spoke with Don Coon of Custom Rides and Twisted Metal. He does a lot of charity work in the community. He proudly showed me a small trailer that he converted into an office and painted holiday scenery on to be used in the winter for selling Christmas trees. He had some beautiful airbrushed tanks, the pirate ship was my favorite.

Next along my journey came Rat. That man hasn’t washed his bike since 1987! He hasn’t ridden it since 2015. Its sign says it has many accessories. It is filled with them, including the little rats that are attached in the back!

About that time I heard music coming from somewhere…I followed it to a stage that was in a back corner. On the stage there was a man pouring his heart out in what he was singing! I stayed for one song, but then had to move on.

I completely enjoyed this event and have already marked it in my calendar to visit for its 39th year.