Cruisers: “A Road Runs Thru It”

By Steve and Shaunna Wasserman

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“You’ve never been to Cruisers!? After being asked that way, way too many times, my wife and I grew tired of being posed this question. So we decided to make the 250 mile turn and burn from our home in Montana to Cruisers Bar and Grill to see what all the talk is about…

Kickstands went up from another of Quick Throttle Magazine’s “Rider-Friendly” Establishments located in Troy, Montana, the Home Bar. Sunny and 75 degrees, on this particular ride our good friend Long Steve held the line and rolled at a quite smooth 60-65mph. It was a unanimous decision that the scenic route would be ideal to avoid road construction in Bonners Ferry, Idaho.

Our adventure begins with an unforgettable meandering ride south on Highway 56 through the Cabinet Mountains, Bull Lake and the Bull River. Even after twenty-plus years of life in the region, there still lies a need to focus on the road ahead. The spectacular views of nature in its finest form are abundant. Banked turns and undulating two-lane highways make things even that much more epic. “Right turn, Clyde,” at Highway 200 and “bingo “ more awesome riding along the Clark Fork River and Lake Pend Oreille heading towards Sandpoint, Idaho. When I received the tap on the side, a brief pit stop was in order to fill the tanks, hit the can, and chug a Bang. Off we go, definitely feeling grateful and loving life behind bars.

It’s never a foregone conclusion with this guy, I need to be the judge and experience Cruisers for myself. An experience indeed!

Upon our arrival, on Cruisers incredibly popular Thunder Thursday, we rolled up to a venue bulging at the seams with motorcycles and classic cars. Patrons abound, a band bangin’ out some Led Zeppelin, and pole dancers. Alrighty then, You had me at “Hello.” Off on the right foot that’s fo-sho. Something we’ve never had the opportunity to do, Ride Thru the Bar!? And that’s precisely what happened next, gotta do it right (it’s Cruisers!) A natural impulse overcomes you to crack the throttle a few times inside the joint, turns out it’s almost mandatory (BTW- my new fishtails sound sooooooo sweeeet!).

Cruisers Bar and Grill is located in Stateline, Idaho between Coeur d’Alene and Spokane, just off interstate 90. It’s known as the “Inland Northwest’s Premier Ride-Thru Bar” that certainly attracts a full gamut of riders from near and far. There’s never a dull moment around this place, action packed would be a major understatement. Cruisers offers a virtual laundry list of big events on a constant basis which keeps them coming back for more and more. Shaunna (The Wife) and I have attended several events so far this year and feel fortunate to have made a bunch of new friends in the process.

Every Thursday beginning in late April and running hard til early October, it’s always on for Thunder Thursdays Bike Night. Rockin’ Amber Rae hosts the festivities and makes it the place to be each and every Thunder Thursday. Armed with a TNT attitude, tattoos, and a bullhorn, she’s a sight to see…..

“I’m honored to now be a regular at Cruisers, and hosting Thunder Thursdays. Come find out for yourself and experience quick service, contagious smiles and kick-ass rock to keep you rollin thru Cruisers Bar and Grill over and over again!”

-Rockin’ Amber Rae

Food and a cold beverage are generally our first order of business once the kickstands are down (as most). How about a bacon-wrapped hot dog or deep fried pickle fries? Super-tasty and get this: 2 appetizers, 2 beers, and 1 T-shirt = $22! You gotta love that in this day and age. Rumor has it, the wings do the trick as well. After devouring my pickle fries and pounding a couple brewskies we made our way to the vendors.

My wife really enjoys supporting (her term for shopping?) the fine folks slingling their goods at the events we often attend. New boots have been on her wish list for quite sometime now if the right pair comes along. Apparently Kate Calton, owner of Stateline Biker had that pair and at the right price. Stateline Biker offers a unique variety of rider apparel such as helmets, chaps, boots, and gloves. Kate is also a seamstress, she does stitching and applies patches for many of the local MC’s and riders in the area.

Next up, meet the owner of this fine establishment…. Justin Veo. A sea of people and bikes would best describe the scene at Cruisers, so attempting to locate much less speak to Justin may be easier said than done. The first three staffers I asked if they knew where he was, replied, “He was just right here a minute ago,”…. Busy place. Alas our paths finally crossed and I asked what he felt were his favorite aspects of Cruisers Bar and Grill……

“It’s the customers primarily, walk around and check em’ out… Cruisers is host to hundreds of live music performances, car and bike shows, drag races and much, much more!”

-Justin Veo

On that topic, in July, riders made a Guinness World Record attempt for the most simultaneous burnouts. Pretty cool to photograph and film for QT Magazine. The crowd was really diggin’ it, smoke em if ya got em! A good time was had by all once again, put that in the record books. 300 mopeds in the Philippines or some nonsense like that still stands (WTF?), maybe next time.

We recently attended the 4th Annual Run With The Sun Drag Races sponsored by the Washington Nomads HAMC and held at Cruisers. A stellar day of racing took place directly behind the bar on a city street with plenty of room to let it rip. Smilin’ Rick and the Nomads intend to step it up and make their 2020 event even better with more vendors to ensure a great time for racers and spectators alike. Cruisers Bar and Grill in Stateline, Idaho certainly made the short list!

See Ya’ At The Line!

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  1. Great Article, on a Great establishment. I just recently met the owner (Justin Veo) and I can’t say enough about this humble man and his labor of love. Thanks for a good read/photo’s, he is well deserving of recognition for his success.

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