QT Newsletter – Cross-Country Ride Ends in Controversy. Again.

Cross-Country Ride Ends in Controversy. Again.

As journalists, it’s our job to reserve judgement, to avoid jumping to conclusions, and to get to the facts. Even though the Hoka Hey Challenge has always, shall we say, “stimulated conversations” across the blogosphere and the motorcycling community, we have tried to be fair and to show all aspects of this ambitious, yet controversial motorcycling event. Here then, are the facts as we know them:

Will Barclay, the winner of the first Challenge in 2010, crossed the finish line first on August 19th, 2011 (which broke in the Sept. printed edition of Quick Throttle Magazine). Will certainly seemed to have won the $250,000 prize for coming in first. 10 other riders finished behind him and at the time, seemed to qualify for the additional $250,000 prize money. However, all riders had been told that they must receive no speeding tickets, use no performance enhancing drugs, and then pass a polygraph exam. This year, GPS tracking was added, and data from US Fleet Tracking was reviewed after the race.

On October 8th, the 11 finishers were presented with trophies recognizing their great accomplishment – completing a 14,000-mile journey in approximately 14 days. They were then effectively disqualified, all 11 of them.