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Lucas Motorcycle Oil Pit Stop

Sometimes in life you’re presented with an opportunity that you know is a good deal and if you don’t go for it you’ll regret it the rest of your life. You get that voice in your head that says “do it, do it.” A few months ago Lynn and I from Black Magic Customs, Inc. were approached to carry out a new concept in the motorcycle industry. Michael Farabaugh the national sales manager for Lucas Motorcycle Oil asked us to be a Lucas Motorcycle Oil Pit Stop. After hearing what Lucas Oil had to offer it was a no brainer so we formed a bond with them to become 1 of 10 Pit Stops in the Country.

The reasons we were selected are because of our history as a stand up shop and we’re upper scale business people. We don’t use products that don’t work or are below our standards. Lucas Oil is a great product and we highly recommend it for your motorcycle or ATV. The products do work and your motor, tranny and primary will love you for it.

I personally started researching oil back in the late 70’s after a 3 year hitch in the USMC. I got a 79 Roadster and boy did it use some oil. I learned back in those days oil is kind of like a tattoo- the cheap ones aren’t good and the good ones aren’t cheap. The same concept applies to oil. What you need to know is that oil is your motors blood and when it gets old, dirty, broke down and full of sludge it’s not good for your motor and hard on your wallet, which isn’t cool.

I had been using Harley Davidson oil for years back then and I tried some oil additives that I believe saved my motor. One of my lifters on my ’62 Panhead went, which took out a lobe on my cam causing my key on the return side of the oil pump to sheer which pumped oil out of the breather to the primary. Before I noticed I had a problem I had no oil flow and the oil in the bottom end was hot. I had just gotten a new oil pump, lifter and cam cover replaced so I know the bottom end was good. I think the additive I used probably saved the motor. Since then I’ve tried all the new synthetics and have found some to be good, some even better and some that have failed.

For the last 7 or 8 years I’ve tried a lot of oil. Most of your major brands are good to a point. What I mean is if you change it out when needed, it will protect your motor. The key point here though is to change it when needed. I’ve seen some oil that at 600 miles it looks like you’re pouring black water out of a boot. A manufacturer may say the oil is good for 2500 miles of normal operation. Many of us don’t run the bike at what they call normal operation. You may be on a trip to Sturgis and ran the bike hard and also got caught in the traffic and heat. If there’s no air there’s heat and the oil will break down sooner because that’s not considered normal operation. I’ve tried all the major brands but until I hooked up with Lucas I didn’t realize how good their products really are.

This is what we at Black Magic Customs have found out: running the synthetic 20w50 in the EVO along with the synthetic stabilizer results in the motor running about 18 to 25 degrees cooler. They also run smoother and quieter. They found the same results with the twin cams running up to 25 degrees cooler, smoother running and less noise. In the old Pans and Shovels running the 50 or 70 weight oil and the Lucas Stabilizer a drop in temperature and a reduction in loss of oil was the result. The cool thing about a drop in temperature is heat robs horsepower from your motor so a cooler running motor is a strong running motor, which makes us happy.

I’ve been running Lucas synthetic 20W50 oil with the synthetic stabilizer in my EVO for about 2 years now and I have no problems to report. They say you can go up to 7500 miles on the oil and I’ve got about 5,000 on mine now. At our Lucas Motorcycle Oil Pit Stop Open House I will dump my oil to get it ready for winter with some fresh oil. I’m interested in seeing what it looks like at that point.

The cool thing about the Lucas Motorcycle Oil Pit Stop is no more waiting for an oil change. You don’t have to make an appointment you can just stop in and get the finest oil on the planet. You don’t have to drop off the bike, have someone pick you up and then take you back to pick up the bike. If you come to our shop you can even head over to the bar a couple doors down and have lunch and a beverage at a discounted price.

On October 20th we are having a Lucas Motorcycle Oil Pit Stop Open House. We will be giving a deal for the oil changes. We will have Lucas Oil representatives on location for product information and to answer any question customers may have. We’ll even have other in house specials that day in our retail shop. At the HideOut we’ll have a bike show and vendors like Matt Jelinek from Ol’ Skool Kustomz and Martin from Dream Evil Designs. So, stop by and check us out. It should be a very cool day. We’re very honored to be able to form a partnership with Lucas Oil. I’d also like to thank our friends Reed Johnson & Gary Augustine for helping us get ready for the open house.

So, in closing remember that your oil is the blood of your motorcycle. If you use good oil and take care of your motor it will take care of you. Stop in a Lucas Motorcycle Oil Pit Stop center and check it out.

So till next time enjoy the fall color and ride safe and free,

Phil & Lynn Hoffman