Cook’s Corner 8th Annual Blessing of the Bikes

By Lori McCammon

Did you feel the earth move on Sunday, May 4th? If you found yourself within a 5-mile radius of Cook’s Corner in Trabuco Canyon the ground was vibrating. It was the 8th Annual Blessing of the Bikes. Father James Smith from St. Michael’s Abby did the honor of walking from one end of the parking lot (and beyond) over and over to sprinkle holy water on hundreds and hundreds of motorcycles. I gave up tagging along behind him after a few rounds. I’ll bet his pedometer read more than the required 10,000 steps that day!

Just to put this in perspective, Cook’s is a destination for bikers from all over Southern California, but on this particular day, there were parking attendants on duty to direct traffic and assist all those on two wheels in finding a tiny piece of real estate to put their kickstand down.

It kind of made you feel special, like one of those expensive, trendy restaurants with valet parking. Sinner or saint, Sunday Go-to-meetin’ or closet worshiper, a couple of thousand gathered all day long to get that something extra we all need when fire up and head down the road. In addition, Larry Fairfield aka Smudge was donating the painting of a cross on either the back of helmets or on front fenders.

Spending time at Cook’s on any given weekend is always a hoot, but this day just had that something extra. Maybe it was the great grub served up outside by Richard Jones Pit BBQ, or The Lubricator Blues playing some great tunes. Not to mention the plethora (I always wanted to use that word) of vendors.

Pleth-o-ra; Noun meaning a Superabundance.

If a person couldn’t find enough stuff to spend money on with the vendor’s, there was a raffle and an auction to help deplete your wallet. The proceeds went to a great cause, Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County.

Second Harvest Food Bank began providing food for the hungry in October 1983. Since 1983, the Food Bank has provided more than 236 million pounds of donated and surplus food to local charities. The Food Bank currently serves 390 member charities that reach the hungry, including church pantries, shelters, senior citizens, rehabilitation centers, homes for abused women and children and many other emergency assistance organizations. The Food Bank helps feed an average of 200,000 individuals each month. Those served include the working poor, children, seniors on fixed incomes, single parents, the disabled, the homeless and individuals experiencing medical emergencies or recent jog layoffs. Each dollar donated provides about $12 worth of food.

The next great event coming up at Cook’s on July 20th is the Ladies Who Ride. So ladies, get out your best leather, shine up the chrome and head on over there!

Until next time…

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