Chopper Oil Tanks Made Right

Not all oil tanks are created equal. According to Lowbrow Customs they make the best possible custom oil tanks for your Harley-Davidson Sportster, Big Twin, Triumph or any other make motorcycle. Why are they the best? Tyler Malinky, founder of Lowbrow Customs, had the answer to that question.

“All of the the components that make up these tanks, including the steel, are USA-made. Every single piece of our oil tanks are custom, from the smallest detail on up,” says Malinky. “We didn’t use any off-the-shelf parts; every piece was designed for use on your motorcycle.” Even the oil tank end caps are spun steel with tooling made specifically for Lowbrow tanks. From the quality of the machining to the picture-perfect TIG welds, it is clear that everyone involved with the production of these oil tanks are skilled professionals.

Lowbrow oil tanks feature three mounting points, two top and one bottom, to ensure secure and stable mounting with steel mounting tabs. “This is only important if you actually ride your motorcycle; we do, and these tanks are road-tested and ready for anything you can throw at them.” says Malinky. Instead of welded fittings to the top of the tank, the custom-made vent and return fittings on Lowbrow’s oil tanks have furnace-brazed tubing, keeping all the fittings nice and tidy at the bottom of the tank for easy oil line routing. “Not only are we proud of our oil tanks, we are proud that they are made right here in Cleveland, Ohio,” concluded Malinky. Lowbrow Customs Oil Tanks are $149.95. For more information or to order please visit or Lowbrow Customs can be reached toll-free at 1-855-456-9276.