Children’s Ride 16 – Auction Bike by Zacky’s

Check out the “Children’s Ride 16” Auction Bike!

Written and Photographed by BlackJack

What’s black & blue and bad-ass all over? Hands down, it’s this year’s custom build from Keith Wong at Zacky’s Custom Rods in Seattle for the 16th Annual Children’s Ride auction benefitting the Seattle Children’s Hospital! This is the fifth bike Keith has built for this special event, but this year marks a departure from his norm. The past four bikes Zacky’s has built for the Children’s Ride auction have all been custom choppers. For this year’s event, Keith wanted to do something radically different and took it to the other end of the spectrum and it all happened right here in our own back yard!

Keith took a 2011 Harley-Davidson Road King Police bike straight from the factory via its donors, Downtown H-D, Eastside H-D and Destination H-D. The stock Road King boasts a 1690cc Twin Cam 103” motor followed by a 6-speed transmission, so with no need to modify that amount of power, Keith immediately went to work chopping the front end.

He swapped out the 17” stock front wheel for a 23” custom cut, one-off Zacky’s original. To accommodate the larger wheel diameter, Keith and his crew had to cut and rebuild the neck to gain an additional 7 degrees of rake plus add another 3 degrees in the triple trees. The new single-sided front brake uses an HHI 6-piston caliper. The front fork assembly was powder-coated black and topped with 1-1/2” super clean bars and controls by Hawg Halters Inc (HHI). The throttle is fly-by-wire and the clutch is hydraulic. The meaty 5” wide road-gripping stock rear wheel suited Keith’s design needs well. A wide rear fender from Bad Dad Baggers tied the saddle bags and their extensions together beautifully.

“I wanted a very clean look to the whole bike,” Keith said standing behind the bagger, “I like to see the bike as one whole sculpture, a flow of an idea.”

Keith also pointed out the 2 into 1 exhaust, black with chrome heat shields, done in order to allow the Legend air ride system to be mounted on the opposite side, all tucked neatly beneath the saddlebag extensions provided by Klock Werks. A sweet little air valve built by Anarchy Motorcycle Company provides an impressive instant up and instant down on the rear air bags, noticeably different than the typical sluggish rise and fall.

The turn signals and the brake light are LED. The front signals are blended unassumingly into the triple tree cover just above the forks. The rear turn signals are combined with the brake light and crafted smartly into the license plate frame. Simply clean.

Take special note of the very unique and stylish side covers that extend the flow of the bike’s lines from the extended gas tank to the saddlebags. Those are fabricated by Keith Wong in house! Initially, I thought the side covers were some sort of fancy fiberglass work but Keith explained they are actually made of molded plastic. A custom seat by Rich’s Custom Seats tucks neatly into its formed pocket completing the look.

Low, dark and mean, the bike appears to be doing warp speed while still on the kickstand thanks to the eye-catching paint and graphics, all done by Keith Wong in his Seattle shop. A gorgeous deep black body with a vivid tribal blue rip down the side of the bike gives it the ultimate bad-ass look. As you move around the bike, the sun strikes the many air brushed skulls within the tribal rip, making them pop to life, silently screaming out warnings of this machine’s personality!

Unlike the typical custom chopper that while gorgeous, is not made for riding great distances. This chopped and customized Road King bagger will take you down the road or across the country, in comfort and definitely in style, turning heads every inch of the way.

I took a moment and asked Keith why he enjoys building these bikes every year and his response was refreshing, to say the least. “It’s for our own community. It’s about giving back. People don’t realize just how generous the biker community is. I enjoy doing it. It’s about the people I’ve met over the years.” He added, “We took this bike to the Seattle Children’s Hospital and a sick child came out, saw the bike and smiled, and the child’s mother told us he hasn’t smiled for three months.”

Keith would like to also extend a personal thanks to those who helped him make this bike happen: Anarchy Moco, Auto Connections Seattle, Doug’s Cadillac, Lynnwood H-D, Brian Klock and Kelly Kallenberger.

Make a point to come see it for yourself at the Children’s Ride, June 26th. Visit Zacky’s website –

Technical Information

Brand Name: Harley-Davidson®
Model: 2011 FLHP Road King Police
Assembly: Zacky’s Custom Rods/Keith Wong
Paint/Graphics: Keith Wong


Model: H-D Twin Cam
Displacement: 1690 cc/103 cu in
Transmission: H-D 6-Speed


Front Mfr: H-D
Style/Type: Telescoping hydraulic
Rear Mfr: Legend Air Suspensions
Style/Type: Pneumatic

Wheels & Brakes

Front/Size: 23” x 3” One-off custom
Front Brake Calipers: HHI 6 piston
Rear/Size: 16” x 5” spoked
Rear Brake Calipers: Brembo 4 piston


Hand Controls/Bar Assy: HHI
Raked Nacelle Headlamp: Bad Dad Baggers
Floorboards: Kuryakyn
Forward Controls: HHI
Front Fender: Anarchy Moco
Rear Fender: Bad Dad Baggers
Side Covers: Zacky’s Custom Rods/Keith Wong
Seat: Rich’s Custom Seats
Saddlebag Extensions: Klock Werks/Brian Klock