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Product Reviews

PRODUCT REVIEW: Tourmaster Heated Riding Apparel 

By Koz Mraz Tourmaster, a leader in motorcycle riding apparel, has released the Synergy Pro-Plus heated 12v jacket/liner. In Sedona, Arizona, winter temperatures average between 35 and 50 degrees (F), and on a couple of occasions the temperatures hovered in the mid 20s. EagleRider Motorcycle Rentals in Sedona offers Tourmaster heated jackets and pants as optional rentals if you’re heading ...

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ThirstyRock Hydration Tank Bag

By Tom “Bomb” Christian The ThirstyRock Hydration Tank Bags are very well thought out, with military grade materials that include the mouthpiece and valve, making it very durable and easy to use. Their secret lies in using dual thermal lining that’s very lightweight, considering what it does; keeping the water and ice melting at a much slower rate in 110 ...

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REVIEW: FXRG Harley-Davidson Sun Shield H29 modular helmet

By Koz Mraz FXRG gear (Functional Xtreme Riding Gear) is engineered to perform in the most extreme riding conditions. It is without a doubt, the best designed gear of the H-D line. I am a big fan of modular helmets for distance touring and this new FXRG® Sun Shield H29 Modular gets everything right.  I wear corrective glasses and my ...

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Product Review: 7eye by Panoptx

Interview by Randy Twells With Rider Tom Delgado and 7eye President Daniel Hsu Photos provided by Tom Delgado We were curious about the company that makes 7eye by Panoptx eyewear. So we asked Daniel Hsu its Owner and President for a little background; here is what he told us! “The company started in 1995 but officially incorporated on Nov. 1, ...

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