Tinker Talk

Tinker Talk – June 2019: Broken Carburetor Fuel Inlet Replacement

By Justin James Nearly all OEM H-D Keihin carburetors from 1970 to 2006, and many other large bore Keihin carburetors, are equipped with a plastic/brass fuel inlet. This piece of junk will eventually leak or break. Unfortunately, many people fail when trying to repair or replace the inlet and end up replacing the entire carb. Over the years I have ...

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Tinker Talk – May 2019

By Justin James An engine’s spark plugs are a small component tasked with a big job. Being able to understand them can turn out to be useful. In this edition of Tinker Talk we will go over the basics of spark plug electrode material, heat range and inspection. Inspection: Spark plugs should be inspected at the specified service intervals or ...

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TINKER TALK: Assault On The Battery Round 2

Some of you may remember my May 2018 edition of Tinker Talk where I went over testing a motorcycle battery. While at Run-a-mucca Motorcycle & Music Festival last year I was approached by a gentleman who read that one and suggested that I also do one on battery replacement. Ask and you shall receive, my friend. Obviously, every bike is ...

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