Carol-Lyn’s Herstory of Rock At Las Vegas BikeFest

By Sasha Johnson

The first day of Las Vegas BikeFest ended with the treat of seeing Carol-Lyn perform the Herstory of Rock. Carol-Lyn and her band school their audience on the women who have shaped rock and roll in this one-of-a-kind performance. The set starts off with a classic Janis Joplin hit, “Piece of My Heart.” Carol-Lyn enters stage right in full Joplin attire, including feathers meticulously attached to her hair and topped off with a pair of Janis’s signature round, silver framed glasses, rose-colored of course!

Carol-Lyn has been singing in Vegas for the past sixteen years. She actually had a show at one point where she paid tribute to all of the male singers that have paved the way for generations of rockers. At some point Carol-Lyn and her husband, who is also the lead guitarist of her band, decided that it was the women’s turn to have the spotlight. And so, The Herstory of Rock was born.

In ninety minutes, Carol-Lyn makes twenty costume changes. Each outfit immerses you further into the time and the vibe of when that song was created, and by whom it was created. Her set is chock-full of great hits by women who have carved out their own mark on rock history.

Carol-Lyn seamlessly belts out these classic songs with such conviction and fury, it would almost suggest that she had written them herself. To see this show live is akin to feeling like you’ve suddenly stepped into the exact moment these songs hit the scene.

The next costume change could only mean the queen of divas herself is coming to the stage. Carol-Lyn returns in a Cher inspired ensemble, complete with a beaded headdress. Songs by Tina Turner, Stevie Nicks, Pat Benatar, and Heart are soon to follow. Female rock legends greatest hits are recreated one right after the other through a hugely talented singer and an equally comparable band.

The accolades for Carol-Lyn and her band are certainly well deserved. They’ve previously been nominated for Best Headliner Performance as well as Best Cover Band for 2018. You should do yourself a favor and catch this spell-binding show at the Santa Fe Station casino in Las Vegas. It’s the most fun you’ll have off the Strip guaranteed!

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