It all began back in 2004 with the world’s first motorcycle Bluetooth headset.  Along the way, Cardo has introduced a number of firsts for motorcycle communication.  That said, we wanted to share a cool video showing Cardo’s innovation over the past 15 years.

We thought it would be an interesting piece to share with your audience or for potential use in any upcoming Cardo coverage plans.

As winter is here, many riders transition from open road freedom for the mountain slopes. And while they may pack away riding gear until spring, riders don’t have to put away their Cardo communication systems. With Cardo’s Ski Kit, riders can now utilize their Cardo communication system when skiing and snowboarding.

Featuring 40mm HD speakers and a half-helmet kit with an extra-long boom mic, the Ski Bundle helps convert the same PACKTALK BOLD for those hitting the slopes. With unmatched performance in freezing weather, the PACKTALK BOLD is waterproof (IP67 certified) and is sure to keep winter adventure seeking riders in contact with other riders.

The Ski Kit retails for $99.95, Cardo will offer the kit for $69.95, a 30% savings until March 31st.

PACKTALK BOLD utilizes Cardo’s proprietary Dynamic Mesh Communication™ technology to create the industry’s most-sophisticated and dynamic motorcycle communications system. Unlike Bluetooth communications, Dynamic Mesh Communication-powered devices are interconnected, thus allowing a group of riders to seamlessly join, leave or change positions at a distance of up to five miles without causing a breakdown in communications, while the self-adjusting network automatically works to keep the riding group connected.


Natural Voice Operation: Keep your eyes ahead and your hands on the bars. Just say, “Hey Cardo” and tell it what you want, it will do the rest.

Dynamic Mesh Communication: A next-generation intercom that makes your ride simple. Set your intercom group once and forget about it. Once paired, riders can join and rejoin seamlessly without having to continuously repair like standard Bluetooth models.

Waterproof: No matter what you throw at it, the IP67 certified unit will take the beating and keep you connected rain, shine, mud, dust AND snow.

JBL Sound: the JBL-Cardo partnership combines Cardo’s passion for the ride with JBL’s passion for sound. Specically designed to work inside a helmet while riding, this JBL audio system delivers crystal-clear audio – whether communicating with a fellow rider or listening to music.