Brian Mitchell Bike Build


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After building award winning and famous motorcycles for the late Russ Tom and Downtown Harley, Brian Mitchell is back building bikes again.

When Downtown Harley was sold a couple of years ago Brian Mitchell went on to greener pastures at SteelDreams in Burlington, WA. Brian was fulfilling his duties as General Manager for awhile when the owner, Gregg Hecht, said let’s build a bike.

The last bike Brian built was especially important and personal because it wasn’t for sale, it was for Russ; A ground up custom, board tracker style.

So, from board tracker to something far different; something long and low and sleek and sexy. This is one long sled; I mean loooong; How long? *&%$ing long. So long I couldn’t fit it into the camera.

Gregg and Brian were discussing the concept and brought in Thomas Coleman for the fabrication and welding. They decided to use a “low life” frame from Legend Air and Independent Cycle sitting on a pair of Avon tires, a big ol’ 18” 300 on the back and a skinny 23” on the front. Next, came the 124” S&S engine which they had powder coated and diamond cut. They hooked up that high horsepower engine to the phat rear tire with a Baker 6 speed and a right side drive. Those cool looking pipes and all the sheet metal are one-off and built in house. One of my best friends, Stitch Rich, (Rich’s Custom Motorcycle Seats) built the seat and another friend of mine Russ Foy (Custom Classic Paint Works) did the paint.

I think the front end is the best part of the bike. (I’ve always been a front end man). I don’t know what the numbers are for the front end geometry of the rake and the trail but I know I like the look of the high tech springer and the headlight sitting on there is the coolest I’ve seen.

I did notice one thing missing though, the kickstand. There isn’t one. It doesn’t need one. You just hit the switch for the Tricky Air air suspension and the bike lowers itself onto the ground.

All that’s left now is to finish all the final details and break it in. I volunteered for the break in duty but Brian just grinned, like yeah fat chance.

Also, thanks to Tony Thompson for the pics from the build.

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