Bordello Run

BY Luckie Laurie

The 8th Annual Bordello Run was a great success! We left Las Vegas for Pahrump, with over 1200 bikes, and everyone was saying “who let the dogs out!” It was like the bears came out of hibernation at once! What a day! Of course you can’t have a Bordello Run without Women and their Bordellos! Well, I did not see any partakers in the Chicken Ranch Women, but many of the riders took the tour of the Sherri’s Ranch. I think a few may return after seeing all the toys in those rooms! The Love Ranch had lots of love to go around and bet they get a few to return as well! Ending up at Kathy’s Short Branch Saloon for her great hospitality, chicken and steak dinners, and tunes by The Stormy Davis Band! All in all it was good fun for a great cause!  A big thanks to Larry of Larry’s Meats for donating and BBQ’ing the feast.

Now just where did that money go you ask?  Well, you can go to and see for yourself, but let me give you a few tidbits; Amy Purdy spends her days in a wheel chair, unless she is using her prosthetics.   Seven years ago she was really sick, and the doctors gave her a ten percent chance to live.  Not only did she survive bacterial meningitis, but she excels! Promoting the need for prosthetics for many others, including amputees home from the war! Helping these vets live full lives and even stay in sports. She spends her life helping others and I for one am glad the biker community came out of hibernation to help her many causes.

On a sad note, the promoters of Thunder on The Mountain are the very same people who put on this run.  The money from both events all goes towards the charities.  Unfortunately since in the last few years there were high turn outs of people, but not enough participation in the ride registration itself, it is going to be canceled this year.  Hopefully, the biker community can rally around this great cause and Thunder Rallies will revive Thunder on the Mountain in the coming years.

Thanks again to all who came out to enjoy a great day of riding and friends! Now even though my motto is  “I ride, I don’t wash! “ I think it’s time to go wash the bike since the parking lot left lots of dirt on my bike! See ya’ll on the next ride!

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