Bitchn’ Stitchn’

When I first talked to Dan of Bitchn’ Stitchn’ about redoing my seat I was a little nervous about sending it away without him seeing me on my bike or seeing what he had to work with before he accepted the project.

But within a few minutes I was very comfortable that he was the man for the job. He showed me professionalism and dedication to his craft. He assured me that my seat would be in the most capable hands. He proceeded to tell me about the bikes he has fitted seats for. One of them was the Denver Nuggets Mascot Bike, he also did one for the baseball player Jose Hernandez, plus he is the preferred supplier for Ecosse Bikes (a bike so high priced most of us will never know them intimately).

Dan told me he has been doing bike seats since 1990. When he started Bitchn’ Stitchn’ he decided to do motorcycles only. To specialize in his passion. So you won’t find any cars in his shop.

Dan has been riding a lot of years. His old man tried to get him on a motorcycle before he could even ride a bicycle. He was very afraid of them then. Now he is most comfortable on two wheels. So, he definitely understands the desires and comforts of the rider.

I told him a little about me and what I experience when I ride and what I wanted out of a seat. He asked the right questions and got to know my preferences. I told him I wanted a little more padding and a bit of a back rest and a wider saddle. He said he knew exactly what I wanted (because girls will be girls) But then I asked him if there was anyway I could represent Quick Throttle Magazine in my seat. He quickly told me he thought about his copper repousse’ process. Which means he would hammer out some copper pieces and make the cool logo I was looking for. I said it sounded good to me.

So Dan proceeded to tell me the kind of pictures he would need to help him. I took the pictures of my bike as he requested. I took them from several angles. Some of the bike alone and then a few of me sitting on the bike including how my feet touched the ground, how my butt met the seat (seemed weird at the time), and just general angles of the current bike seat.

I packed up my seat and shipped it off.

Two weeks later FedEx ground showed up at my door with a belated Christmas present. I was so anxious to see this work of art. To have a bigger seat, to have a seat with gel pad in it. Even better if it was something that people stopped to look at as they walk past my little PEZ dispenser.

With childlike anticipation, I very carefully opened the box. I did not want to use scissors because I did not know where seat and box met. But Dan packed it well. As I got deeper into the box that fragrant aroma of leather started wafting out. OH YEAH. – I love that smell. Fresh leather, cash and pine trees while riding. My favorite scents. I slowly pulled the seat from the box and knew instantly I was in love. It was beautiful.

It was everything I dreamed and more. The leather was heavy and of awesome quality, (not the cheap stuff). The logo in the copper was amazing! It was the most beautiful thing I could have put on my bike.

I quickly mounted it on its new home and fired up my sweet new ride. I straddled that seat for the first time and knew my riding would be a different experience from that day forward. My feet felt different on the ground, the seat felt better between my legs, and the 3-inch rise behind me gave just the back support I needed to make it farther in the saddle. Unfortunately, I could only take her on a few short jaunts around the neighborhood the first day. But, it did include stopping and showing everyone I knew that would look!

Saturday I was able to put a few miles on her. What a difference. I sat down in that seat and it truly felt like a part of me. I never got squirmy in the seat. I think it was a combination of gel pad and the right fit.

I have to tell you, don’t be afraid to stick your seat in a box and mail it to Bitchn’ Stitchn’.

You don’t need to be there in person to get what you want. Dan asks the right questions, asks you all the things he needs to know, what you want and how to get it for you.

As a bonus his art work is really phenomenal.

Check out his web site to see more than what this article can show,  Don’t forget to tell him Linda sent you!

Thanks for the bitchn’ seat, Dan!