Bikes Bay


Yes, Southwest riders, “Bikers Bay” has arrived in our area. What is Bikers Bay? Is Bikers Bay needed? “Yes” to both questions as I have seen and talked to a lot of you riders who have experienced the famous words “It will be ready next week” (But I want to ride today) or schedule it and had to wait a few days. Bikers Bay is what a lot of us riders have wanted and needed. Located in Tucson, AZ, this is the place you ride in and have that oil changed (While you watch through the windows and not wait fur days).Get a new tire at discounted prices. Also have it changed while you wait and watch. Along with lot of other services that include brakes, fork seal replacement, accessory sales and installation and much more.

I spoke with John the owner and I can tell you John is a customer service orientated person. What is that? Well he sincerely wants to take care of you the rider. John rides, and has been through what we have all been through. Customer service is number one with John and he wants to prove this to the riders of Tucson or even the riders who are passing through to another destination. If you have warranty work talk to him to see what can be done. Not taking away from the other shops, but hey us riders need something done sometimes and we don’t have time to wait since the riding season is here and we want to hit the road.

Bikers Bay will be having their Grand Opening party soon so keep a lookout for it as I am sure their will be great deals and a party that could be out of control. But hey they are open now! You owe it to yourself and your ride to go down and check it out. It’s getting hot out there so stop for that needed oil change and check out what they have to offer. Say hi to John, Adam, technicians Nathan and Chris. You’ll catch them there most days, but they are out riding Sunday and Monday. Their web site is or better yet for Tucson you can e-mail them at or call them at (520) 745-4529.

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