Bikers Rocked the Double Q Biker Bash

Written & Photographed by Diana Olmstead

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Quick Throttle Magazine teamed up with the Quinault Beach Resort and Casino in Ocean Shores, WA. on Nov 19th, 2011 for our 2nd Annual Double Q Bash!

The Double Q Biker Bash always takes place in November before the holiday rush begins. It’s our way of thanking all of our loyal readers for making our magazine the #1 free motorcycle magazine in the nation! It’s the Quinault’s way of thanking all of the riders who visit the Quinault Beach Resort and Casino throughout the year! The Quinault is located right on the ocean beach; the view is unbelievable any time of year making it the perfect local weekend getaway destination!

Most of the Biker Bash guests stayed the entire weekend since the Quinault offered all bikers an unbelievable deal in their hotel – 2 nights for $129!!! The deal was so good that the hotel completely sold out!

The great thing about staying at the Quinault is that you can tailor your stay to what interests you most. Many Biker Bash guests had fun trying their luck on the slots, the biker blackjack tournament, or at the roulette table! As my friends and I sat in the bar Friday night sipping cocktails, I spoke to a several happy gaming winners who were buying rounds of drinks! Thank you! It’s hard to pass up an AMF! We closed the bar, gambled some more then headed to our rooms for the night.

My good friends Dave & Robin began their Saturday morning with a relaxing couples massage in the spa. It was the first time they had massages at the same time, they both said it was awesome! Since the weather was chilly but gorgeous that weekend many of the guests bundled up and walked along the beach, taking in the sound of the crashing waves, the scent of the ocean, and the driftwood scattered in the sand.

Just outside of the Great Hall on Saturday were a half a dozen local vendors, including Legend H-D, Urban Custom Bikes, Love’s Leathers Outpost, and couple of tattoo vendors. Biker Bash guests were checking out the bikes and asking questions, getting some new ink, and buying some new gear for themselves or someone on their Christmas list.

The Quinault’s chefs meanwhile were carefully preparing their signature whole hog roast for Saturday night’s dinner. The roast when served was tender, juicy & full of flavor and included all of the fixings! In addition to Saturdays hog roast dinner, the Quinault guests had several other diverse onsite dining choices to choose from throughout the weekend, including their Land & Sea Buffet, Their Sidewalk Bistro, Emily’s Fine Dining, the Coffee & Pastry Bar, and the Ocean’s Lounge!

After dinner and cocktails Saturday night it was time to get ready to rock! A tattoo contest took place in the lounge with 2 lucky winners walking away with $100! Then it was off to the Quinault Beach Resort and Casino’s Great Hall which had been transformed into a festively decorated holiday party venue! Two bars were set up inside the Great Hall, and all of the tables were set with holiday linens, wrapped Christmas gifts for the bikers, copies of QuickThrottle Magazine and hanging on every chair were lots of colorful party beads.

Around 8pm it was time to officially get the party started! I jumped up on stage and introduced “The Worlds Most Authentic Van Halen Tribute Band – Fan Halen!” This band takes you back to the some of the best classic rock of the late 70’s & early 80’s, when Van Halen was on top of the charts and David Lee Roth was in his prime! Fan Halen doesn’t just play Van Halen tunes they personify every VH band member! The Fan Halen band members nail Van Halen spot on! From their jaw dropping physical resemblances of Diamond David Lee Roth, Eddie & Alex Van Halen and Michael Anthony, right down to their 80’s hair and spandex. This was definitely a BIKER Bash Band! By the 2nd song, the dance floor was jam packed with bikers rockin’ out and dancing to classic Van Halen hits like “Running with the Devil”, “Hot for Teacher”, “Jump” and “Panama” to name just a few!

In between band sets, I hosted a game called the “Double Q Game”. I asked the crowd to show me a specific item. The first person to the stage with that specific item won a great door prize! This was a lot of fun, it was free to play and anyone could win! All of the door prizes were donated by Quick Throttle Magazine, Legend H-D, Urban Custom Bikes, Renegade Classics and the Quinault Beach Resort & Casino!

My friends and I had a blast! I lost track of how many new faces I met that weekend. Everyone I spoke with had nothing but great things to say! They all thought it was cool that the Quinault and Quick Throttle threw a party during the winter. I think a large part of this events success is that this is one weekend that it’s ok to leave your scoot at home. This event was about bringing people together to party no matter what the weatherman has in store.”

The Quinault Beach Resort & Casino is extremely supportive of the motorcycle community year round and we thank them! The Quinault Beach Resort and Casino is a wonderful way to get away from the daily grind for a couple of days. It’s a fun, local, affordable, mini vacation destination! Check out the Quinault Beach Resort and Casino’s ad on the inside back cover for their monthly specials or events!

Visit The Quinault Beach Resort & Casino here.

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