Best Bike Night in Southern Arizona

I have written about this event in the past and I have also made most all of the Bike nights (Well missed one). Per your request and a lot of work from Mike and his team (Which Mike?). Well they have made it so much bigger and better with the expanded fence so you can walk around outside and check out the rides grab a drink or Burger or Brats. Well you can have both if you like (this gives a break to the inside Grill but the menu is out of this world). Eat and a drink while you are checking out the rides as they come in and most bike nights they do and in groups. If you choose to relax and eat or enjoy the many choices of beverages inside you can enjoy on all screens past Bike Nights or events and it is possible you will see yourself on TV. There are more Vendors every time this event happens with the vendors staying busy showing their wears and items that we want or need. Live local Bands are jamming for our enjoyment. And when they are taking a Break our local Rock Station, 107.5, is providing the Music.

Arizona Victory & Montgomery’s Bike Night has become bigger and better to the point of Awesome with this Bike Night. It happens the second Tuesday night of the month from 6:00 pm to? And I have been there earlier and it is packed. With the weather getting better and more riders out and about Montgomery’s is the place to be. Located at 13190 E. Colossal Cave Rd., Vail, Arizona. Exit the I-10 at the Vail Road exit and head north a few blocks. You can’t miss it.

So when you plan your trip from another state and or are coming through Tucson to were ever it may be. Plan it when Montgomery’s is putting on there Bike night (You won’t be let down). Or if you are lucky and live in our great City it is just a wonderful ride east with many routes to take and enjoy the ride there. So join us in the fun, great food and drinks. I will also be there handing out the new issue of QuickThrottle® Magazine for you to enjoy while eating. I will also be taking comments or suggestions on what you would like to see in your Southwest Edition of QuickThrottle your local, Free Motorcycle Magazine.

Ride Safe, Wild Bill