Ben & Roscoe

And Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Pictures by Chris Brooks, Jon Dean, Wild Bill

A short time ago I received a call from a master mechanic/bike builder friend of mine that I have known since I arrived in the Southwest of Tucson AZ Phil Korte. Phil has advertized his awesome bikes in Quickthrottle magazine and is the owner of Createacustom Motorcycles. Check out his website Phil who now lives in the town of Tombstone AZ had received a call from a guy in Phoenix named Ben who was going through the phone book looking for help. Ben had been diagnosed with PTSD and was given a service dog named Roscoe. Ben rides and could not take Roscoe his much loved companion with him. Ben was looking for someone who could find a sidecar then attach it to his motorcycle. Phil informed him that he would get back to him and that’s how it all started.

Phil contacted Chuck and Barb Kline friends of his from the ALR post 24 in Tombstone AZ to see if they could help and they found a side car (In a matter of a day or so). It needed a lot of repair but they bought it and donated it to Phil. Phil called me to come out and help off load it and take some pictures and another friend of his Jon Dean from Tucson. Phil and Jon dismantled the sidecar and started to prepare it for Roscoe’s use. I went back out to Tombstone and picked up all of the hardware and frame and took them to NAPC Powder coating in Tucson AZ were Mark Barger and his team donated all of the power coating that needed to be done. Paint and labor on the sidecar was donated by Ray Narvaez a Retired Senior Master USAF from ALR post 36. Dave at Dave’s custom Upholstery did the interior for half the cost and Jon covered the rest. And last but not least Chris Brooks donated fuel and doggie treats to get to Phil’s shop in Tombstone to get the job done.

The day came to mount it all together and make it all work. Ben had rode from Phoenix to get the side car installed and check it out before putting his companion Roscoe in for the test ride. We all got together at the American Legion Post 24 in Tombstone to meet and greet and after learning that Ben and Roscoe got a late start from Phoenix around the corner comes a Bike with a fantastic, well built sidecar and Roscoe’s hair blowing in the wind. After parking Roscoe just sat there looking around and it appeared he was smiling. Ben informed us at around 55 mph Roscoe just lays down and enjoys the ride.

It is so great to see something come together that will help out a brother who has done and seen so much for our country. While attending Arizona Bike week this year keep a close look out for Ben and Roscoe riding around Phoenix enjoying the weather, enjoying friends and enjoying what paying forward means. I want to thank all that gave for this project and all that has given for this Country.

Ride Safe,
-Wild Bill