Bad Boys Golf Tournament


When we think of bikers, we often imagine the open road, greasy hamburgers, a few beers and just general decadence. Well, sometimes you have to leave out the first three and just go for the decadence.

I am not sure if I could have imagined bikers and golfers on the same playing field. While I am a golfer and a biker, I kind of feel alone when I am swinging my 7 iron telling my team mates about the last ride I went on or telling my biker friends about the long putt I just made.

Then Hacienda HD decided there could be the best of both worlds. Seven years ago they put on the first Bad Boys Golf Tournament, and it’s always a pre-rally event for AZ Bike Week. Now, I know most you can not imaging carrying your golf clubs in your saddle bags, and it would look really strange riding down Cave Creek Rd with a golf bag strapped to your sissy bar. So this event did require a cage. But, it was well worth it. After all, it was put on by Rick and Julie Hatch. What else would you expect??

The day started out somewhat normal. Well, if you can call being picked up by someone known as the V-Queen in a Hearse normal, then yes it was a normal beginning to a great day. I had my camera ready and was thinking I was going to get shots of golfers in the rough, in the sand and barely making it off the tee box. HA HA HA!. The first thing I saw was the Tilted Kilt girls flashing the audience. OK – NOW THIS IS GOING TO BE INTERESTING!!

There was Patron flowing off of bodies. There were professionals doing strange things to girls in the sandtrap. There were marshmallows being replaced where golf balls should have been lying. There was laughing and screaming in what is usually known as a quiet sport. There was silly string all over the place. Rancho Manana in Cave Creek was brave enough to host this event. For that, if you are a golfer, you need to go out and play 18 with them. It was unbelievable that not only were they good with the shenanigans that were going on, they were begging Rick and Julie to commit to them for next years event.

Now I have to warn you, if you take your golf game seriously, DON’T sign up for this charity tournament. If you think can have a little fun while making sure a great charity gets a few bucks, this is for you.

You know I am not sure it matters who won this tournament. What matters is that a whole lot of money was raised for the Coulter Foundation. The proceeds from the Coulter Foundation benefit the Community Church of Joy’s Youth Center. If you have never stopped by to see this facility is well worth the trip.

I just don’t think I can say a whole lot more about this tournament, because the pictures are worth my thousand words. So, I am going to stop here and let you enjoy the “visuals” from this event.

If you are interested in participating next year, call Hacienda Harley-Davidson soon. Sign up early – this event always sells out!

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