AZBW – 1st Annual Quick Throttle Premier Builders Bagger Show

1st Place Best Bagger
1st Place Best Bagger – Azzkr’s Cadillac bagger

The week before the official start of ABW is when the parties start. Ramjets Customer Appreciation Day, The Trifecta and Buddy Stubbs Biker Bash are just a few “big” pre rally events that happen the week before ABW. Next year get here early – you don’t want to miss these!

Sunday March 22nd happens to be my Traci’s Birthday, we started out the day meeting Angela and her husband Charles, QT S/W correspondents, at the Trifecta party located in north phoenix. First thing you notice pulling into the Trifecta party is the shopping center sized parking lot full of motorcycles… Toward the back of the center is The Steelhorse Saloon; the part of the parking lot directly in front of the bar is cordoned off and packed full of people. They had a band, a bunch of venders and a “everyday builder” friendly bike show. Most notable builder in attendance was “Hatred” (Brian Jenkins) who had 2 bikes in the show; A freestyle Trike and a 30” front wheeled monster red bagger. My opinion: Brian Jenkins does the best Fiberglass fabrication in the business, he is a true artist.

Next stop Tap Haus, next to the Hideaway Grill, in Cave Creek, for the 1st annual Quick Throttle Premiere Builders Bagger Show, a beautiful, sunny, 85 degree, 15-mile ride from the Trifecta. When we got to Cave Creek we noticed bikes lined up over a mile long on both sides of the road… felt like Sturgis…. So many bikes!

z1111We set up our Quick Throttle booth. A lot of baggers were already on display for the show… wow… these bikes were awesome…Azzkr, Baggers inc, DirtyBird, Wayne’s Flames…all in attendance. A couple bikes caught my eye: the Cadillac Bike (Azzkr) and a flat black Shovel-Pan (Baggers Inc) that had flame throwers on the Exhaust. These bikes, about 20 total, were, without a doubt, the best of the best. Not really bikes you would want to go cross country on but definitely a bike that would drop jaws at your local watering hole. Most of the baggers had 26-30 in. front wheels and air ride, meaning most entries were slammed to the ground.

This being our first QT bagger show we really didn’t know what to expect, but Mark the “MC” of the event and the owner of The Hideaway Grill made us feel right at home.

People's Choice - Baggers Inc BIG RED bagger.
People’s Choice – Baggers Inc BIG RED bagger.

You know….sh-t happens”… well… the Band didn’t show up…  Not to worry, there was a really good DJ and a stripper pole… wait… a stripper pole? Yes… a stripper pole…Mark asked for volunteers from the crowd to drag a huge “mobile’ stripper pole onto the stage. A pathway was made and it happened, like the parting of the seas, the pole made it’s way to the stage then girls … and guys followed… The Stripper Pole “killed it”. Seemed like everybody had there cellphone in the air taking pictures of girls and a few guys on the pole. It got a little crazy, just the way we like it. The food was amazing, One of the “exotic” dancers in attendance gave Traci a very “memorable” Birthday dance… memorable to the guys watching and taking pictures. Traci was like; Wait… What?… What just Happened?

Back to business…we had $1000.00cash and $10,000 in bike parts to award to 1st place, we had hundreds of votes to count, I had the honor of being one of the judges. People’s Choice went to Baggers Inc for a beautiful BIG RED bagger and Azzkr’s Cadillac Bagger took 1st for best bagger.

Tap Haus is one of the Newest, Biggest venues in Cave Creek, I got to award Hoagy (second in command) from Azzkr the $1000.00 and trophy, for their Cadillac Bike, on the main stage. We wandered down the street to visit our friend Rhonda from Buddy Stubs HD (Cave Creek) and met Jean Davidson…sound familiar? Yes her grandfather was the original Davidson of Harley-Davidson…She was so sweet and easy to talk to… just an amazing day… all around…

Perry n Traci

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