Ray Seidel

Ray Seidel has had a varied background, ranging from archaeologist to film critic & radio personality. He has been a rider since 1970, on single, twin, four cylinder; metric, Harley-Davidson, Indian. He was Vice-President of the Indian Riders Group – Corona, CA, and a motojournalist for Quick Throttle Magazine since 2005, initially specializing on Indian motorcycles, past, present, and future. At the present time his stable consists of a garlic scented 2002 Indian Spirit, and a well traveled Indian red 2015 Indian Scout. He has ridden to Sturgis, Laughlin, among other destinations, all chronicled in the pages of QT. Ray has specialized in stories for QT on motorcycle themed movies and television shows, including all seven seasons of “Sons of Anarchy.”

Wacky Helmets

Story by Ray Seidel. [button color=”black” size=”medium” link=”https://quickthrottle.com/flagallery/2018-wacky-helmets-photos/” target=”blank” ]View the Wacky Helmets Gallery Here[/button] Skid lids. Love ‘em or hate, in nanny states like California, ya gotta wear ‘em. Now, I PERSONALLY think helmets ought to be optional, as there ARE occasions when it makes no sense AT ALL. Having said that, I am …

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Motorcycle Ads Through The Years

By Ray Seidel The world’s oldest motorcycle – Royal Enfield, and America’s oldest motorcycle, Indian Motocycle, both beginning in 1901, were little more than bicycles with motors attached. (And yes, Indian left the ”R” off the name.) After about a decade, many new manufacturers sprang up with actual, albeit rudimentary, motorcycles, and a host of …

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Cannonball Run 2016

Story by Ray Seidel Sept 10-25, 2016. 3,133 miles from Atlantic City NJ to Carlsbad CA on 93 100+ year old motorcycles ridden by riders from 8 countries. Now after three successful events, the Cannonball has become an American institution, bringing in riders, and collectors from all over the world. Restorations have taken on a …

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