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Sometimes It IS The Destination

By Bryan Hall People always say, “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.” Most of the time that’s true, the joy of being on the road is just being on the road. Sometimes, however, the journey has a purpose, a reason, a destination. I have family who lives on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, and I go visit them every ...

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Saturday Spontaneity

By Bryan Hall It happened a few years ago on a Saturday morning, the laundry was done, the house had been cleaned, the bike washed and serviced… and I was bored. And usually when I’m bored on a decent day, I climb on my bike. The sun was trying to peek out from the clouds, and winning slowly. I had ...

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Wintertime Blues

BY BRYAN HALL Yep, winter’s here. Dammit. The cold and snow has already come and gone in the Puget Sound area (so much for Global Warming), the rain and grey skies are almost a daily occurrence, and a lot of riders are getting their bikes ready for “winter storage”. I get it. Riding in bone chilling cold and driving rain ...

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