August 2018 Shop Talk with Ryan and Shannon


Shannon: Aloha everybody!  Shop talk with Shannon and…

Ryan: Ryan!  How you guys doing?

Shannon: Today we are talking about bikes that actually come back to the shop for certain things.  Well this thing came back to the shop for an ignition problem.

Ryan: Of all things…

Shannon: I didn’t know it was an ignition, but that’s what it came out to be.  Just the key switch. That’s it! It got into the vibration when, you know what I mean, when you’re trying to haul ass.  

Ryan: Yep

Shannon: And sent a buzz through this.

Ryan: Started rattling stuff around.

Shannon: Yeah right here, this is the culprit right here. (holding an ignition switch– with the key in it).  That’s what heavy diagnosing will give you.

Ryan: I know, we’re bound by the same parts that every other shop is bound by.  We don’t make the parts. And we get bad parts. You go through a hundred key switches and you’re going to get one that doesn’t work right.  

Shannon: But we do stand behind our builds and this is the Saints of L.A. bike for our customer in Ogden, Utah. Lewis, thank you.  Thank you Lewis. It’s a 125 cubic inch motor, six speed transmission, two inch old-school belt drive, thirty-over Sugar Bear.

Ryan: It is just balanced, comfortable.  I mean one hand (with one hand on the handlebar steering back and forth).

Shannon: All day long, if you set the right tire pressure, right Ryan?

Ryan: Yeah, yeah, yeah.  You’ve gotta lower the tire pressure, hahaha.

Shannon: You gotta put low tire pressure, there’s your suspension right there.  Lower the back tire pressure, as I learned this morning.

Ryan: This is another Nick Lee artwork job and the guy is phenomenal.  

Shannon: Awesome, awesome job!

Ryan: The girls in the cross.  The cross is made up of nude women and their faces are literally the size of my pinky nail, and these are the big faces.  The side where it says Saints of L.A., they’re half the size of my pinky nail. And there’s one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.  There’s nine girls on there.

Shannon: Well there you have it.  Bad key switch made for bike not doing so good.  So all fixed. All better now. There we go.

Ryan: Yeah bad key switch caused all kinds of problems.

Shannon: Yeah, horrible.  Well thanks guys. Aloha!

Ryan: Thanks again!


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