Arizona Victory

By Wild Bill Saxton

Located just off the I-10 and Speedway in the city of Tucson, Arizona is a place to stop and yes, shop. Now when you travel there sometimes it can be different and difficult because of the planning and improvements to our city but you will see that it is well worth it. Their sign stands out and can’t be missed. The array of rides, bikes, motorcycles and choppers can be seen also from the road. Shined up and displayed to invite all. Parking among them all is no problem as you will want to see them all.

Welcome to Arizona Victory. Now almost every time I enter the showroom there are changes and it is always for the better. This or that wall removed or moved for better access to the rides and of course the most shinned and new and improved Victory right as you walk in. The one you have dreamed of or have wanted and waited for with all of the special add on’s. And almost all of the time when I have entered the Arizona Victory team is in a great mood along with Mike Schultz the owner/operator around for questions and answers. Mike will explain anything that has to do with owning and riding a Victory Motorcycle. But will you just find Victory motorcycles there? No they carry Big Dog Motorcycles, Big Bear Motorcycles, Saxon Motorcycles and a huge variety of used motorcycles.

Arizona Victory/Big Dog Motorcycles has entered into Motorcycle Customization in a huge way. They now offer Color Chroming Services, Air Ride Suspension installation, Custom Painting, Dyno Tuning ALL makes Anodizing and Powder Coating. A Victory Hammer displayed and ridden everyday is Arizona Victory’s Snake Bike with Rattle Snake stripes, Copper plating and Rust Orange Paint. Mike wanted a bike that represented the features of Arizona, and we are known for our copper and snakes. The bike has been stroked to 106” with the S&S stroker kit, new cams, High Flow K&N air box, PCIII Power Commander, LED lighting, HID headlight, and Victory performance pipes custom mapped with Dyno tuning. They have a number of fantastic bikes they have customized with anodized and color chroming with such a wide range of colors we can’t list them all here. But check into their black chrome, wow it is some awesome stuff and the Black Hammer with smoked gray plating, custom paint. LED lights and many more features. Arizona Victory/Big Dog Motorcycles enjoys the customizing business and will take care of every bit of your customizing needs and with their new chrome specialist they have someone dedicated to sprucing up your Harley and knows everything that is available for your H-D. Heck, be different – do some color on your H-D and stand out from the crowd.

Arizona Victory is catering to the lady riders here in Arizona in a huge way with a lot of new features and functionality they have developed for their bikes. In speaking with Mike I asked him why he has such a strong commitment to the female riders. “The industry is averaging 4-6% of its sales to the lady Riders and we are at 19%, more than three times the industry average, because we do things to assist the Lady Riders.” And he added, “Would you rather be helping some lady or some Big hairy Burly dude?” But back to the bikes. “We can easily equip our bikes with the new AKA Air Ride system that will automatically lower the bike when they are coming to a stop, allowing the shorter riders to firmly plant their feet giving them the secure feeling they need especially if they are new riders. Then when they take off the bike will automatically raise back to the selected ride height the rider has chosen.” Mike stated they can also lower the Victory’s with their inexpensive lowering kit if having the bike automatically raise and lower is not important.”

They can install these not only on the Victory’s, Big Dogs, Saxons and soon Big Bear Choppers, they can also install them for Harley Davidson’s, Honda’s Kawasaki’s Suzuki’s and more. The Ladies really appreciate the fact that they have staff that knows the changes that need to be made to accommodate their Riding requirements and there huge selection of female Riding apparel and Rider Training programs. Arizona Victory/Big Dog Motorcycles is really focusing on helping the lady riders at their shops and the results are proof of that.

The Rider Training program Arizona Victory offers is a unique opportunity to learn to ride with one-on-one instruction from its own trainer who has more than 23 years of riding/training experience. He has successfully trained numerous riders on safe riding practices. With their proven curriculum, expert instructor, easy handling bikes and a supportive environment, Arizona Victory Rider Training can teach you to ride safely and get the most enjoyment from riding.

Even better, with their easy upgrade program Arizona Victory will sell you a starter bike and with the assistance of the Rider Training program get you to the next level of a larger bike without the hassle or pain you would experience selling or trading in your bike.

Another item we talked about was the Arizona Victory Riders’ Club that is open to any motorcycle owner, regardless of the brand they ride. The annual membership is just $12. Membership fees include: 1) A 10% discount on anything in the Arizona Victory shop (except motorcycles) including service, parts and accessories. 2) A 10% discount on meals at the 22nd St. / Kolb Chuy’s location. 3) Organized group rides. 4) You get to hang out with fun people! For more information, or to join, ask anyone at Arizona Victory and it is easy to reap all of the benefits.

Talking with Mike and hanging out with him for awhile is always a pleasure and to watch Mike and his team work deals to get you on a ride and for a super price is what it is all about there.

Arizona Victory is into so many things in our coummity. They sponsor many events, bike nights etc. You always see on most fliers, “Sponsored by Arizona Victory.” One of the big ones is the 2006 Big Dog Mastiff raffle. Tickets are only $10.00 and Only 7,500 will be sold All proceeds benefit the Arizona Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics/TUSD Educational Enhancement Foundation. Drawing that will be held May 5, 2007. PLEASE CALL POLICE OFFICER JOE ROMERO AT 520-410-4575 (pager), OR 520-808-4929 (cell) FOR INFORMATION AND TICKET SALES. Tickets can also be purchased at Arizona Victory Big Dog of Tucson. 520-770-9500. And last but not least Arizona Victory has a new place located in the Phoenix area. 13401 N Cave Creek Road, Phoenix AZ 85002 and the number is 602-404-7300. Toll free number for both is 866-860-6594 and the web address is Tell Mike and his crew that Wild Bill sent you!