Arizona Bike Week – Part Two

Early Saturday morning Traci and I woke up and went about our day like we normally do… I went outside to feed the dogs and I heard this rumbling. We live by the fwy and we hear trucks go by all the time but this was different these were groups of bikes…Packs! HEY!… wait a minute… It’s still Arizona Bike Week(ABW)! Cool…. it’s all coming back to me now…takes a couple cups of coffee before I know which end is up in the morning.

Traci is way ahead of me….she already has Sonya loaded up in the truck and we are ready to head to “PCH”. Ok not Pacific Coast Highway for the clarification to our California friends – Phoenix Children’s Hospital which is about a mile from our house. Scottsdale Harley-Davidson’s Shelly Martin and some guy named Santa helped put together a motorcycle run to benefit PCH.

We met at PCH with about 1,000 other bikers. Everything went smoothly. The event had breakfast catered by Corner Bakery and Arcadia Tavern. The Gatekeepers MC welcomed participants, directed bike parking, and lead the ride that ended at West World. By far the most touching part was when the kids (patients) held signs up from their hospital rooms; you could see them even though some were 10 stories high, saying things like: “We love you”, “thank you motorcycle people”, “Bikers rock”, and holding pictures of hearts and motorcycles…Just a great run.

On to West World, epicenter of ABW, Traci ‘n I decided to put our “Sonya Trike” in the BadAZ Bike Contest. We dropped the trike in the show and walked around checking out all the cool vender stuff, motorcycle stunts, bands and the food….oh ya the food… “OMG there’s that evil Indian fry bread! somebody stop me!….it’s low calorie right?”

Ok back on track… our boy Eliott brought our Disabled daughter Sonya (our trike’s namesake) to meet us at West World. It was a really hot day, everywhere we took Sonya the biker community would be so nice and point there fans at her, and want to meet her…that made her, and us, feel really special. My family met the Legend Sonny Barger and his wife, got a book autographed by Sonny …. We made our way back to the Bike show, and “The Sonya Trike” took 1st place in the “Best trike/3-wheeled,sidecar” division. I got interviewed by the DJ, got 100.00 and a cool trophy…yeah!

Ok ok… I slept with my trophy that night… FYI: As far as bike builders go…we all sleep with our trophies when we win. Ok it was in between Traci and I.

Sunday we hopped on our trike and headed up to Eagleriders to met the Son’s of Anarchy cast members; “Bobby” Mark Boone, Jr and “Chibs” Tommy Flanagan. As I reluctantly took a picture of my Traci between these two guys I said (totally kidding); ”don’t be grabbing her boobs” and “Bobby” looked at me and winked “I’m grabbing her ass right now”…Funny Guy… well played, Sir…well played indeed. They are a couple of really nice guys and judging by the amount of fans there they are very well liked. They led the ride to West World on a couple black baggers not unlike the bikes they rode in the series SOA.

We went straight over to the Antique Bike Show. This years show had a record number of entries. Indians, Triumphs, Metrics and Harley Davidson’s dating back to 1914. I took 96 pictures with my antique 35mm camera I think 12 of them came out good. We did take a lot of digital photos. If you want to take pictures of some really cool bikes and meet some of the true pioneers of motorcycles you have to check this show out next year. Somebody found an old army green Panhead …rolled it out, said they found it in a barn!… wow…like finding a pot of gold…As we left we popped a gnarly wheelie (accidentally) on the trike and got thumbs up from a few old timers…ahhh sure I meant to do that…

We dropped off the trike and hopped on the Dyna for our last event of AZ bike week. Cave Creek is a small city just north of Phoenix. Cave Creek has a real rally feel with motorcycles parked all along the street “Sturgis Style”, with vendors lining all up and down both sides. The main things you can hear when you first get to town are the rumbling of motorcycles, music, and people having fun. Cave Creek is a Rally on it’s own with restaurants, stores, bands, bike shows, and even horse and bull riding if that’s what you are into.

We stopped at the HAMC Cave Creek Crew (CCC) Burn Out Party where their poker run ended earlier, they had a band outside, to be honest Traci and I had the most fun of the week, kicking back, hanging with friends. In front of the party were CCC t-shirts and one of the cast members of SOA, “Quinn” Rusty Coones taking photos with fans.

As usual we were the last to leave…. and said goodbye to another memorable AZ Bike Week.

Perry and Traci