Arizona Bike Week 2016

Traci n I started our “Pre-bike-week” at the: EAGLERIDER MUSIC FEST: This event started Friday April 1st ending Saturday April 2nd.

Friday –

We saw the bands: Slaughter and Great White…we have seen both bands before in Laughlin, Nevada during “The Laughlin River Run Rally”. … Traci loved the timeless “Save All Your Love” by then band Great White. My personal feelings still remain the same as far as Jack Russell…. Even though the replacement Singer(Terry IIous) of the band Great White is good, I still feel the original singer(Jack Russell), who sings in the band “Jack Russell’s Great White”, has the better voice… We did meet some “die hard” Great White fans, one being a very pretty gal from Brazil(Carrie) who has, since the concert, been requesting photos, of her, with Great White’s drummer(Audi Desbrow) and the guitarist(Michael Lardie) that we took , both original members…

Saturday –

The charity ride started at the Half Moon Sports Grill where we met up with Rick & Julie Hatch owners of Eaglerider, Jesse Dupree, lead singer from Jackyl, and Ed Leclare, Eaglerider events MC. The charity ride this year benefited the Alice Cooper Solid Rock Foundation for teens in our local community. Solid Rock’s primary mission is to make a difference in the lives of teens in the community by offering a safe, engaging environment during nonschool hours –a time when they are most vulnerable to drugs, violence, and gangs. Maintaining the idea that “a teen’s worst enemy is too much time on their hands,” Solid Rock provides music, arts, vocational programs and fellowship that challenge teens to discover their passion through music, dance, self-expression, and creativity. You can find out more about Solid Rock at

Rick, Jesse and Ed lead the ride to the Eaglerider music fest. The first band on stage was a teen band, Analog Outlaws, who won the Alice Cooper “Proof is in the Pudding Competition” November 2015. Analog Outlaws were followed by COOP, Shayne, and the headliner Jackyl. Jackyl absolutely killed it on stage; I have rarely seen a performer work the crowd with the type of energy that Jesse James Dupree did this beautiful April night in Tempe Arizona… As was the case with the Novemberfest show here at EagleRider Tempe this venue, layout, stage, VIP, even the venders were catered to the fans… You could literally talk to the performers, whether it was before Saturdays run, where Jesse James Dupree(Jackyl) sat at a table in the Half Moon lounge, or after the Slaughter/Great White show attendees could meet their favorite rock star…get photos… I did find out an interesting fact about the band Jackyl… seems they buy quite a few Chainsaws because airlines don’t take to kindly on trying to board airplanes with them in hand…which …I was told…happened a timer or two… Toward the end of the Jackyl show, with a new Skil Chainsaw in one hand and a 1/2 gallon of whiskey in the other Jesse proceeded to saw a wooden stool in half…then smashing it not unlike Peter Townsend from the band “The Who” did with his guitar Back in the DAY!…tossing the splintered pieces into the frenzied crowd. We were able to spend time with lead singer Jesse from Jackyl and Mark Blades the bass player from “Christopher Shayne” who was sporting a parrot green Mohawk.

Sunday: Ramjet & SteelHorse

We started our Sunday at Ramjet Racing 16th Annual Customer Appreciation free event which took place early morning and ended at 2pm with a group ride to Cave Creek. This event was packed full of fun: live music, raffles, free BBQ lunch and bike show. The speed shop and bike shop were open with tons of in store specials. The people’s choice ride in bike show categories included bagger, Sportster, Club Style, Vintage, Custom, Metric and Best of Show. Wait is that Mark Blade’s green Mohawk? … yup it is Mark the Bass player from “Christopher Shayne” the night before. Mark was moonlighting with the vintage rock band in attendance. As I promoted this event I mentioned that they have the best Raffle of AZ BikeWeek, these are not crummy door prizes, these are cool things that bikers love; Pipes, bars, electronics, luggage, led kits, Helmets… you name it. Just for showing up folks get a free meal(hotdogs, hamburgers, pop, water) ticket, a Raffle ticket, and if you want 5 more raffle tickets they ask that you buy a Ramjets T-Shirt for 15 bucks… they are cool shirts… Inside tip: It’s worth it to buy the shirts… your chances are like 50-50 that you win something with the extra 5 tickets. There were some folks trading prizes with each other… just plane fun times. There was a multiclass bike show…all peoples choice. Back to the Raffle: I really wanted a set of bars that were on the table, luckily a friendly bike club member won them and I offered him 100.00.

He sold them to me…BOOM I made 400.00! After I made the deal I jumped up and down and yelled I won!…I won!… I guess you had to be there… thinking back…. not many folks thought it was funny then either…Traci laughed… that’s why I married her. After Ramjets we spent the afternoon at the SteelHorse Saloon’s Trifecta which went until the bar closed. The entries for the custom bike show were displayed in the center of the event for people to view and take pictures. Live music that played through out the day took a break for the Frozen T-Shirt contest which turned into an almost NO t-shirt contest and was a Big hit with the crowd. * we ran out of little black stars, that we cover boobies with, to post most of the photos from the frozen T-shirt contest here, but do not fret they will be in there entirety in the Gallery @

Monday: presented Patrick’s run charity $21k Plus check

Be sure to check next month(July) for “AZ Bike Week part 2” . Next month our coverage will be: Traci and I doing a little road trip with the Mesa Hells Angels. During the middle of BikeWeek we ride to the “Gallopin’ Goose”, as seen on the television show “Bar Rescue”, in Coolidge, AZ. Female Mud wrestling, Midget(It’s the name they want!)Wrestling, goat roping, burn out contests…and Rusty Coon’s(SOA) band “Attika 7”… Then back to AZbikeweek for some wet BODY PAINTING!!!….with Xplicit Showclub’s (Easyrider Magazine “May” covergirl) Cora Mae… Perry and Traci QT S/W Correspondents