2014 Arizona Bike Week


By Traci n Perry
Photos by Rusty Childress, Smiles, Digger Dave, Perry ‘n Traci, and Angela Conner

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For a solid week the locals of Cave Creek welcome the motorcycle clubs and independent riders from all over the world. Food, and drink at The Hideaway, Buffalo Chip and Hogs ‘n Horses to name a few… is out of this world! Ok, whoooaaa… let’s backtrack….

Traci n me (Perry) had the pleasure of representing, and covering events during Bike Week (March 28th-April 6th) in and around our hometown of Phoenix AZ. We had help from Smiles, Rusty and Digger from QT, we all work together to give our readers the best accounts and photos possible, especially at some of the larger events.

First event we hit was Friday the 28th. The movie Dead in 5 Heartbeats(DI5H) Special bike week event at 910 Live, uhhh lets just say, a “exotic” dance club in front and a large stage in back where the Movie(DI5H) was playing on a large screen next to the stage.

Cast and crew from the Movie were there, signing autographs and getting pictures taken with fans. Included in attendance were: Sonny Barger(Producer) Jeff Black(Lead actor), Jeff Santos(Director), Bob Rubin (actor and MC of this event)… The Victory motorcycle, from the movie, was in attendance along with Bands that were on the movie soundtrack…

Traci got in a little “trouble”, her middle name, taking pictures of the girls in the club in front, rule of thumb: you can’t take pictures of the strippers at a strip club, … but, as always, she got the shot we wanted…3 girls on a bike with our magazine… at the same time this awesome event was going on 6000 bikers were kicking up their heels at the Chester’s Backstage Biker Bash “Goe’s Country” with headliner’s “PARMALEE” and Special Guest “Chelsea Bain” and it did “feel like Carolina in Arizona” as was advertised. What a start to “Bike Week Arizona”.

We did not have much recovery time and on top of doing coverage for QT, coverage we weren’t going to miss, I had to finish the Sonya Trike for the 12 MAY 2014 MAY 2014 13
Chester’s Torch Run.

3-29-14, we start off with, once again, Chester’s 3rd Saturday of the month Patio party, Really fun band, always good food, food always free and donations always going to a worthy cause. I’ve said it before but let me tell you again they are THE nicest people there at Chester’s. from Deb the new manager to Amy (Events) to Carlos, who NEVER wants his picture taken, in parts…

Such a great way to start your Saturday, and it really grounded us for what was to come…

Buddy Stubbs 10th Annual Bike Week Bash: our close friend Pastor Jeff (married us) from The Big House, was the MC, Jeff ’s wife Rhonda manages the sales of Buddy Stubbs Apparel there at the dealership. We finally got a picture of them together (Jeff n Rhonda), a rare occurrence, on stage nonetheless. The bands kept people dancing, Bikers dance?, you bet, here they were.

Then there was this bikini contest that I had to watch… this is a really tough job sometimes, standing next to the winner and runners up for a picture… I tell ya it’s a tough job…

I was pretty tired and movin kinda slow from the night before, plus I worked late on the Sonya Trike, and our friend AZ saw I was moving kinda slow… so he got me this package; XM+ …Hummmm? I poured this powdery substance in a bottled water, this water now looked and tasted like sea weed, drank it and boom! I was line dancing to the Electric Slide.

Traci was like “what happened” I said “I dunno one minute I’m sleepy then I’m line dancing to the Electric Slide… I think AZ gave me some crack lol”. Wasn’t crack but it was like the effect that 2-monsters, or 8-cups of coffee, would have…. Great time, great food, great hosts.

This leads us to Sunday. “The Big House Bike Blessing” Was the first thing we did…We got our Dyna Blessed at the Big House biker church, Pastor Jeff prayed for our safety and for others. Wiped a little “God-Water” into our seat and with that set off to the Trifeca .

The 19th annual Trifecta Custom Bike Show and Blowout. Being a bike builder I almost have to go to this event, some of these bike builds go on to place well in the Calendar Show bike show and the bike competitions in Sturgis… there is always something new, every year.

Also in attendance were the Cave Creek Crew Hells Angles (Sonny was there), Legacy Riders, Bikers Against Child Abuse, and many more.

Bikers for Boobies was sponsoring a bike being raffled off . The 2013 XL1200V Sportster 72 was tricked out by Hatred Customs. Bike has 2-26in rims! Crazy. We had a bunch of folks hold up the DI5H DVD case, we really loved the movie and it made people smile while we took there picture…deep down, I think, everybody’s a salesman.

Let’s fast forward threw the “Bike Building Process” of busted knuckles, weld burns, and inhaling grinder-weld gases-n paints. Every bike builder goes through these lovely ‘perks’ of our trade. Finishing this build was different though… Why?, because this Bike was for our daughter Sonya, QT readers may remember her from last months “Sonya’s Torch Ride, this 60blb, always smiling, 23yr old girl with Cerebral palsy is the reason I did not quit at 3am every night that week. That which does not kill us makes us stronger.

Well here it was Friday 4-4-14, Trikes not done, Just got the Parts from Paint and they are Beautiful, On the tank it says “WE ARE HER VOICE”. It’s 3pm; I still got to put this bike together and have it at Chester’s by 7am sat for the Torch Ride. Whhooooh… hold on “The Cult” is tonight 4-4-14 at Phoenix Bikefest at Wildhorse Pass? There is no way we are missing that! one of my all time favorite bands, sure they been around awhile, n sure Ian and Billy (the Cults lead singer and lead guitarist) have gotten into a few fistfights on stage. Who hasn’t?

From 1985-1995 these guys were the best, well maybe second only to G ‘n R. Who hasn’t heard of “Wildflower”, “She Sells Sanctuary”, ‘Fire Woman” list goes on… well we went…

Phoenix Bikefest was way bigger than we thought, Ride Now, KUPD, Victory, 5- Harley Dealers from the Phoenix Area. DreadZeplin played first then the MC raffled off two Fender guitars, with the Cults autographs to benefit Wounded Warriors. The Cult was everything and more, they haven’t missed a step. Ok the bass player dropped his bass and Ian had a little mishap with the songlist, but, covered it up like a pro. They came out for one encore.

We got home and I worked on trike till 4:30am, at 5:30 am 4-5-14 we loaded the Trike on the trailer and we headed to Chester’s HD Mesa starting point of the Special Olympics Torch Ride. I didn’t look like a guy with 30min sleep the night before in the pictures but the look on Sonya’s face while she was in the Trike seat made me not even think about it. The Special kids there, Miss Arizona, Miss torch ride 2014, and all the staff at Chester’s that came over to look at our Sonya Trike, made for a very emotional and grateful time for all.

2000 Bikes in all, Law enforcement, volunteers, so many generous Bikers…

Sunday we wanted to go on the Hells Angles Cave Creek Crew 57th annual poker run, we couldn’t do the run but bought Party wristbands for the Buffalo Chip after party and a few shirts. We had to stop in at Cyclefest Westworld, to check it out, we snapped a few photos of Chibs and Tig from Sons of Anarchy at there autograph signing. The people in line were amazing, SOA fans are so cool. We met Miss AZ bike week, she is a Little person! And if you wonder how she won, well, just talk to her for 5min. she is the coolest of cool.

Reluctantly, we had to leave to get to Cave Creek, which brings me back to the beginning of this article, In 30 years I have never seen this many bikes in Cave Creek at one time, I saw one of the Reporters we met at the SOA signing at Cyclefest in front of Buffalo Chip, we told him we were coming here to Buffalo and in the midst of this organized chaos of motorcycles he gave us a consolatory thumbs up. Once in back at the Buffalo Chip it was like any CCC HA event I cover; always ask before taking pictures, be courteous, and most of all respectful.

There were a lot of patched motorcycle clubs at this event. Sin Mob was there, or a part of it, Rockem, Sockem and Grizz. The Director (Jeff Santo) and the Producer (Sonny Barger) from the movie Dead in 5 Heartbeats were there with their wives Christie and Zorana.

Traci took most of the pictures at the CCC HA Run/Party. I took a couple pictures but noticed, when looking at the pictures I took, a few club members looked like they wanted to rip my head off. I told a club member who’s a close friend of mine and he said; “let Traci take the pictures”. No sweat. This old biker CAN learn some new tricks…

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