A Panther in Pussycat’s Pajamas

306 Horsepower, 200 Miles Per Hour, 1 Fast Black Cat

This is not a Victory Vision, the gas tank is not where you expect, in fact nothing you see is standard issue. Yet this Black Cat is not a mythical creature, she is real… and she is real fast.

Story Cat Biler and Gary Koz Mraz

IMG_2384On a trip to Vegas from Calgary, Alberta, in 2008, I ran into Bill Biler at A Team Motorcycles. Bill’s comment that he could “zoom” my bike up for me took on a whole new meaning 7 months later when I came back down to Las Vegas to see exactly what he meant. My bike went up on a lift in January of 2009 as a stock 2007 Victory Vegas, and like all projects, disappeared from view for about 2.5 years.

IMG_2386The initial idea was to turn it into a custom bagger, increase its’ performance and handling capabilities and in general, have a one of a kind cruiser. The first mock up of the bike included adding modified Victory Vision bags and fairing. Shaun Ruddy, an outstanding Australian fabricator, had recently started working at A Team and became lead engineer and designer for what was to become The Black Cat Racing Special. Working with a Victory factory engineer, Jeff Oltman, Bill and Shaun went to work on increasing performance of the stock 100″ engine. Jeff developed the custom fuel management and exhaust system. A Garret GT22 52mm turbo was installed with a Boon Docker NOS system. A Beiga Ramping fuel pressure regulator was added with twin air coolers, methanol injection, and custom on-board computer.

IMG_2388Since the electronics and additional equipment required to keep the system cool and running would take up much of the tank and internal fairing space, Shaun decided to use the exhaust pipes as gas tanks. All of this engineering took time and money to develop, and the potential of the bike just started to manifest itself.

Projecting over 300HP as possible, Bill and Shaun started to discuss the fact that this bike could be the next record holder for the fastest bagger on the Bonneville Salt Flats at Bub’s Speed Week. That is when the project took on a whole new energy. Race suspension, GSXR steering dampener, Barnett Clutch Pack, 21″ and 18″ Performance machine wheels with Brembo four-piston calipers providing plenty of stopping power.

IMG_2397In total, the Black Cat took over 1,000 hours of fabrication time and $100,000 cash to complete. Some of the companies and people who helped to supply the finish to make the Black Cat a world class show bike were: American Plating & Polishing of Las Vegas, paint by Devious Designs, also of Las Vegas, and Perry Mallet of Australia who provided the airbrushing and stripes.

By May, 2011, the Black Cat Racing Special was complete. In August, she won the Sturgis Rat’s Hole World Performance Bagger award and participated in the AMD Bike Builders Championship.

IMG_2451As for Bonneville… take a look at the finished product! Would you put her out there in that environment and ruin a world class bike? I won’t.

After a year of enjoyable riding, exhilarating and at times, scary, The Black Cat is back at A Team and for sale. I have purchased a new 2012 Cross Country and it just arrived in my garage a couple weeks ago. I was down at the A Team dealership last week and Bill said “Let’s put that up on a lift and zoom it up a bit”….I wonder…

Questions about this amazing custom, call Bill’s cell at 702-556-0888.