9-11 Tribute Parade

By Abel

September 11, 2001 was a date that shocked the country. It was a day that many innocent lives were lost in a cowardly act of terrorism. It did not happen on foreign soil. It happened right here in our backyard.

It was a day that ordinary citizens became heroes and many sacrificed their own lives in the attempt to help others.

After the tears, we became angry. Our country was united in a way that has not been seen in a long time before that fateful day. Flags were flown from homes across the country, from vehicles, and displayed in windows. We were once again the United States of America in our grief.

Time has a way of healing our grief though and it did not take long for the anger and shock at what happened soon faded and the flags that once were seen everywhere were taken down.

We did not all forget that day however and on September 6 the 6th Annual 9-11 Tribute Parade was held in Colorado Springs. Bikers from southern Colorado met at Pikes Peak Harley Davidson for a police escorted ride to pay tribute and remember the lives that were lost and honor the heroes that were born that day.

The first 200 participants received a commemorative black arm band and the mood was somber as they were tied on. When the bikes thundered to life and the procession headed down the streets of Colorado Springs, it was evident that we will remember and pay our respect to all who serve to protect our way of life and our country.