4th Annual Pueblo Biker Bash

By Abel

Pueblo, CO – Iron horses thundered into the steel city on June 4th and 5th for the 4th Annual Pueblo Biker Bash but like most things in its infancy, the only major event in Southeastern Colorado is experiencing growing pains. For the first three years, the Biker Bash was held in the first week-end of May and was only a one day event. The weather for the past events had been windy and cool which is probably what prompted the move to a date a month later on the calendar. This year the event was also expanded to a two day event. The crowd was good on Saturday and there were a good number of vendors peddling the usual ware found at biker events. The burnout pit was a crowd pleaser as the smoke bellowed and the smell of burnt rubber filled the air as each entrant strived to blow their perfectly good tire to shreds and afterwards, the Heroz Stunt Team performed some trick riding for the crowd. With warmer temps there were a number of ladies that entered the afternoon’s wet t-shirt contest which soon turned into a no t-shirt contest and the party was on. Ending the day’s entertainment was the biggest surprise of all and that was the music provided by the Austin Johnson Band. The lead guitarist is a 17 year old and he plays like Stevie Ray reincarnated! An awesome way to end the day! Sunday was a different story though. With temps in the 90’s, it was a great day to ride and that probably had a lot to do with the lower attendance. Folks would stop in, wander around for a bit, and climb back on the bikes. Sunday’s entertainment consisted of a repeat of the day before with a different band lineup and the addition of a tattoo contest sponsored by Tortured Souls. A lack of a campground or any accommodations close by puts a damper on this being a two day event but if in the future things change in the schedule of events to make it worth attending two days, the inconvenience may be worth it. For more information on the Pueblo Biker Bash, visit their website at www.pueblobikerbash.com.