31st Annual Redwood Run: A Real Oldtime Biker Event


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The Redwood Run is one of the most beloved old school biker events in the country. Each year, I look forward to this event much like I anticipate Christmas with the family. I have made many friends throughout the years, who are like high-school alumni returning to their class reunion, and I get to participate in the insanity of it all. It’s the best!

I have camped at the event before and it is best for you to experience the entire event for the first time, by camping with your fellow bikers. You can get a hotel at a nearby town or rent an R.V. spot at the top of the hill but you have got to camp your first year there. It is a must! The weather can be extreme at times, with the heat reaching 90 to 105 degrees during the day and the evenings dropping down to a very cool 50 degrees. It is a bit like playing craps when it comes to the weather but the event is a one of a kind biker event that you will not regret attending. If you are faint of heart or if you are an inhibited soul, stay at home. This event is not for whimps, I promise you. It’s hot and sweaty, or sometimes cold. It’s dirt under your fingernails, and its wild women and crazy-assed men coming together for a wild weekend of hot bikes, music, romance, and merriment. It is just down right unique!

If you are expecting movie stars to be walking around or paved roads with pretty little flowers, or maybe little cottages to rent…forget about it! You need a tent, and you will be using outhouses and showering in clean, well maintained showers. (At least you get the showers!) This is real OLD SCHOOL, the way things used to be. This is not Laughlin folks. Not that there is a thing wrong with Laughlin. But there is also not a cop to be found inside the gates and I sure as hell like that a lot! You won’t see bike covers, helmets, or anything fancy. What you will see, is absolute gorgeous natural beauty at its best and just enough biker’s to satisfy your need for an old time blow out biker party to last three days.

Sometimes, events that you repeat year after year get a bit old. You see the same vendors, and same sights. But something about this event doesn’t ever get old. Many of the vendors may be repeats and you may see the same familiar faces, but the sights are always different because there is a surprise an hour. If you bring your camera, you are sure to take some breathtaking shots on your ride through the Redwoods. There is always something new and exciting to see or a new town to visit as a side ride is planned for a Friday or Saturday afternoon.

The small towns surrounding Percy, home to the Redwood Run, are quaint and worth a stop. Like Garberville, Willits and Laytonville. And as you make your way up the Coast riding to the Redwood Run from the South, towns like Half Moon Bay, Santa Cruz, Capitola, Carmel and Monterey, can really make the trip worthwhile. But, even if you decide not to leave the campgrounds, you’ll be grabbing for your camera every few minutes as a group of topless women or somewhat butt naked man scoots by. Remember, this event is on private property, and there are no police behind the gates like you see at most events. And ya know, I am just not gonna share some of the secrets that go on there. You’ll just have to see for yourself.

This is the only event I have been to of late that I didn’t feel totally cramped by police and it was a free and relaxed feeling. I also didn’t see a bit of trouble. The Redwood Run’s Promoters and the clubs who take care of the security do an excellent job. Honestly there aren’t a whole lot of rules. Just respect each other’s space and the property you’re utilizing and you’ll do just fine. Keep in mind as you are riding out to sight see, there are lots of police waiting for the chance to pull you over and they will. So don’t drink and ride.

The games are held on Saturday morning through the afternoon and they are a hoot. There is a bike contest, egg toss, balloon toss and weenie contest. Most of these games are pretty entertaining. At one point during the loudest pipe contest, I got seriously dizzy. All the bikes roared at once and with such vengeance that my ears began to ring and it affected my balance. Pizano was standing next to me, and he too, felt the same. That was an incredible moment.

The highlight of the day is the Wet T-shirt Contest with D.J., Dana Hall acting as M.C. However, I am wondering why they call it a “Wet T-Shirt Contest?” Each year, the girls take it off, big time, and there are no t-shirts in sight when they are done. They are dripping wet, shivering hot little mama’s, shaking their booties to the rhythm of the music. Up close and personal. So what’s different about this contest?

Well, it’s kinda cool to have Dana Hall who is extremely funny and always seems to convince a great selection of woman to get up on stage. It is also very cool to see a 50-year-old woman get up there and be appreciated by this old school biker crowd. If you are a good sport and not too shy, they will love and accept you, just for being brave enough to get up there.

The bands were awesome. The crowd so appreciated each and everyone. I sat down at the end of each day exhausted, hot and tired and the thing that most soothed me was the friends that surrounded me, the music that entertained me and the most incredible sky above.

I’d like to make quick mention of the bands that played and the people I would like to thank: Friday rocked with, Spudgun, Jimi Jeff & The Gypsy Band, Gary Hoey, Delbert McClinton and Creedence Clearwater Revisited. On Saturday they blasted us with Ten Years After, The Marshall Tucker Band, Ratt and Thunderstruck, the ultimate all girl tribute to AC/DC, featuring special guest original AC/DC drummer, Chris Slade.

For so many years Sciandra has worked so hard to put the Redwood Run together and has done an incredible job. I have heard rumors that she has hired two new people to take over for her and although she will remain involved with the music, she will be taking some much needed time for herself. She has always been a great help to me personally and I have always had a blast at the Run. Thank you to the Kiwanis all the Clubs involved, and especially Sciandra and the Redwood Run.