2019 Lone Star Rally

By Pastor Z 

Photos by Pastor Z., Joanna & Ken Valliere, and Zach Tate – Courtesy of the Lonestar Rally

Brothers and Sisters – Here’s one to add to your bucket list if you haven’t hit it yet.  The 2019 Lone Star Rally was “Totally off the charts!” Here’s why: There is so much to see and do that you’ll stay busy from Thursday morning until Sunday night. And yet you’ll never see it all, or do it all!  

Hundreds of thousands of bikers and their motorcycles descended upon Galveston Island, the Strand, and the Seawall during the Lone Star Rally.  Riders came in from all over the USA. Some flew in from other countries and rented bikes. They all came down to enjoy the excitement of the Rally.

The event features free concerts every year, and this year’s Rally included:  The Charlie Daniels Band, Montgomery Gentry, Scott Stapp (of Creed), Bobby Friss, Hinder, Hairball, Highway to Hell, Miss Intent, ZZ3, Creed Fisher, Stone Senate, Piedmont Boys, Zach Tate, Black Smoke Sinners, The Merle Travis Band and Siggno.


There are also impromptu stages with live bands, and the many bars and restaurants surrounding offer live music at their establishments as well.  It is truly a music lovers’  dream!  You can also get VIP tickets at a reasonable price that are well worth it.  With VIP packages you can get an up close and personal view to watch your favorite bands, as well as the many other perks that they include.

There were way too many exciting musical performances to comment on all of them.  Hairball was the headliner for Thursday night.  Their energy and stage antics are totally out of control.  They swap their outfits quickly and hit most of the high notes of the many bands that they play tribute to. The band members are really talented, as they switch from one genre to another effortlessly. Friday’s headliner, Scott Stapp of course played lots of the Creed favorites and many in the audience sang along with him.  Creed had so many amazing hits, and he sang most of them for his appreciative crowd. He also played songs from his new solo albums, and his new music is awesome too.  His voice was as strong as ever, and his band was really tight.  Scott put on an amazing show.

On Saturday night – Montgomery Gentry hit the stage to the cheers of their fans. Their sound is a great mix of Country and Rock.  Montgomery Gentry charted five number one songs over the last twenty years, and was inducted into The Grand Ole Opry in 2009. The band played all of their hits as well as a lot of of new songs. They were incredible.  

On Sunday afternoon the Charlie Daniels Band took to the stage  to an absolutely packed house.  At eighty-three years young,  Charlie Daniels still plays one hundred concerts a year.  And what is even more amazing is that his age hasn’t slowed him down, much.  Charlie and the band were incredible. A blend of Country and Southern Rock is the best way to describe his music. 

He is best known for his amazing fiddle work, but his lead guitar stunned the crowd as he jammed away on many double lead solos with the other two guitarists. They played a lot of songs using Allman Brothers and Skynyrd style matching lead solos. One of the crowd favorites was the 1974 hit, “Long Haired Country Boy,” he pulled it off flawlessly.  Most of the crowd that were over forty were singing along with Charlie.  His amazing fiddle playing took the spotlight during his 1979 superhit “The Devil Went Down to Georgia,” and Charlie and the boys really tore it up. The energy was incredible.  

They also gave time for each musician to do a solo, and they were all superstars on their respective instruments. One of my favorite moments was when he sang the beautiful classic hymn, “How Great Thou Art.” Charlie is a down-to-earth gentleman who loves God, his country, his family and friends and all of his fans.  It was truly magical.  A few of us got to attend a meet and greet with Charlie.  He is a genuinely  humble and friendly man who takes an interest in everyone he meets. We pray that Charlie will continue to bless his fans with his amazing talent for many years to come.

Add to that all of the other Rally Events: There were bike events, car and truck events, a Slingshot Showdown, and the Miss Lone Star Rally competition.  The bike events included: The Ride-In Bike Show, Old Time Motorcycle Rodeo Games, In Motion Invitational, Outlaw Dave Ranch Ride, Sound Off Competition, and The Grind Bike Build Off.  The In Motion Bike Show had an entry requirement of a 75-mile ride to qualify. Which shut down the possibility of winning with a glistening bike on a trailer.  So, the beautiful supermodel bike entries had to not only look amazing, they had to run great too.  

Mike Rabideau of Majik Mike Designs won the $10,000 grand prize for the In Motion Bike Builders Competition. 

There were many absolutely stunning ladies in the Miss Lone Star contest.  A beautiful young woman named, Mars won the Miss Lone Star 2019 title. 

The real highlight of this event is of course the motorcycles and the people who ride them.  The amazing Strand on-street parking included motorcycle-only parking  for the hundreds of thousands of motorcycles on all sides of the Strand.  Watching the motorcycles that roll in is my favorite part of the rally.  You can see every brand at this event, and all types of riders.  That is what makes this rally so unique, and really cool.  

It is a literal sea of leather, chrome, and custom paint.  Each custom bike has its own unique look and style.  And I love to people-watch as well.  Many of the bikers are real characters.  They may look like costumes to those on the outside, but to the riders each person has their own style. I completely enjoyed getting to know all different types of people at this rally.  And I must note that the rooftop views of the Strand are absolutely incredible!   There are also literally hundreds of vendors that cover the island with everything and anything that you could possibly desire.

In the ministry of Bikers For Christ we try to support and attend the Lone Star Rally every year.  This year we had over seventy BFC Brothers and Sisters from over six states.  It was awesome!  For the last few years we’ve been involved in setting up impromptu stages at different locations for this event.  This year we were back at the Anaconda Jiu Jitsu studio’s patio.  This stage is “right at the beginning of the Strand,” so it is prime real estate for the Lone Star Rally.  

The studio itself was used as the green room for the bands.  This year we also had a professional sound system that was absolutely amazing.  Our bands could be heard way above the sound of the custom stereos on the baggers that were rolling in.  We were set up right across the street from the Drunken Monkey.  What was awesome was that some of the people who were in the bar heard our music and actually came out to applaud our set, and to hear us more clearly.  

The music on our stage covered many different genres of music: Rock, Blues, Country, Metal, and even a little Rockabilly.  We had a great audience, every one of the bikes that rode down the Strand each night. Plus lots of folks who popped up chairs, straddled their metal steeds, or were leaning up against buildings to watch our concerts. We also gave out free bottles of water, hotdogs, bibles and literature to our friends who visited the stage.

I’ve been riding motorcycles for over fifty years. I attend rallies all over the USA and other countries, and I can honestly say The Lone Star Rally in Galveston is one of my absolute favorites. In closing, we’re already making our plans for the Lone Star Rally 2020, and trust that it will be as exciting, and possibly even larger as the word continues to get out about it. 

–Your Roving Reporter and Sharp Shooter, Pastor Z.