2018 – King’s Day Toy Run, Rocky Point

By Perry and Traci Nelson

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We have been coming to the Rocky Point Rally for years and have heard of this toy run held every January. December is such a busy month for us, with so much to do and  with so little time,  we really needed a vacation!!  We decided to start the year with a trip to Rocky Point to check out the Kings Day Toy Run.  First off… we wondered what is Kings Day?  We were told that it is the day the Mexican people celebrate when the three kings came to visit baby Jesus in the manger bringing gifts. Some know it as “Epiphany” or “Little Christmas.”

It’s not the crazy “Sturgis meets Mardi Gras” scene during the rally, but still plenty of fellow bikers!! The Kings Day Toy Run(KDTR) starts at Malecon, the first week of January. Malecon is the “Old Port” city that is the epicenter of the Rocky Point Rally that takes place in November. Old Port has many cool shops and restaurants right along the shore line. Bikers began arriving around 11am by the “old fisherman” statue; the toy drop off site. The Rocky Point Riders, the local MC that helps put on the event, have been collecting toys throughout the year. Many bikers bring toy donations for the KDTR when they come for the November Rocky Point Rally: rally goers leave piles of toys at the registration table and then after the rally the toys are kept in storage till January.

In Malecon, on the day of the event, the gifts collected were loaded onto a truck to deliver to the church.  Some of the toys were already dropped at the church; seeing as there were about 400 kids there the Rocky Point Riders were on hand to keep the kids from the goodies.  Kickstands were up at noon led by the Rocky Point Police Department, the Rocky Point Riders, and the rest of the riders…The ride headed through town, in a roundabout way, to the San Miguel Church (St. Michael’s Church).  This neighborhood of Colonia Nueva Esperanza is located near the Rocky Point  Rehabilitation Center…A lot of folks at this event cannot afford the luxury of purchasing toys and candy for their kids.

When we arrived all the children were nicely waiting with their parents. They were so excited to see all the bikes ride in.  As we walked up to the church we could here a children’s choir singing from inside so we went in to watch for a little while. There were two tables set up for the toys, one for boys and one for girls.  There were so many toys that not all could fit on the tables so volunteers kept refilling the tables as the kids picked out toys. As the boys and girls lined up to pick out toys, each got a raffle ticket which served as a count for how many children came, 400 total were counted. We had fun handing out candy that we brought with us only to be outdone by the Rocky Point Riders who brought garbage sized bags of candy…At the end of the event the raffle tickets were drawn for three final winners: two bicycles and a huge hot wheel set.

I got in some dirt biking next to the parking area…there was a really cool hill…. you can do that on a Dyna!! After the run and the toys were all handed out we went into town to get a bite to eat with our friend Max Fu at, where else,  Max’s Restaurant. There’s plenty of nightlife around town with live music like the Boo Bar, Banditos Bar n Grill, and the Playa Bonita grill next to where we stay… they always have a band/DJ , just  to name a few. Traci and I would get up and dance at some of these hotspots-remember “what happens in Rocky Point stays in Rocky Point”.

Funny thing about Rocky point is, whether you are there for the Rocky Point Rally or the Kings Day Run there always seems to be a musical group, complete with stand up bass, drums, and guitars right behind you….how did they get there? We got a shot of some guys that showed up to a beach party we were at. Not all the musical folks work for free, you may be surprised, they may know your favorite song and play it for a couple bucks…My advice: pay the 2 bucks: I got to embarrass Traci when a group busted out some Pink Floyd for me in their full Mariachi gear. We were laughing so hard, they did really good with their rendition of “Money”… way better than I could do.  The locals are friendly, a great place to visit at a very low cost. The seafood does not get any fresher. Overall we enjoyed a relaxing weekend riding around with friends, going out to eat and enjoying the beach.

After the craziness of the Rocky Point Rally the Kings Day Rally gave us time to enjoy the city and the beaches, with no timetable. We were blessed with beautiful weather, I think It’s always beautiful there, occasional wind is the only thing we saw that could hamper your riding then you may have to stay an extra day….we always seem to stay that extra day… windy or not.

Definitely worth coming down for the weekend to go on the Kings Day Toy Run and we’re looking forward to doing it again.  A great way to start the New Year!!

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