2017 Rocky Point Rally

By Perry and Traci
photos by George “Rusty” Childress, Perry and Traci

Traci and I started out late Wednesday, November 8th for the 2017 Rocky Point Rally (RPR). We rolled our 2009 Dyna into the back of our Ford F-250 diesel; The Playa Bonita Hotel in Rocky Point has an “offload” dock for bikes so no need to bring ramps. We had a lot to pack seeing as, on this year’s trip, we brought our 27-year-old disabled daughter Sonya and our son Eliott. Sonya is a tiny 63 pounds and has Cerebral Palsy (CP). Eliott is an 18-year-old who has two years of college remaining before he graduates Arizona State University with a major in Applied Physics. Traci and I are bikers… figure that one out.

Getting through the US-Mexico border was a breeze. This Rally has gotten so big that the border patrols on both sides of the border are prepared for a lot of motorcycles coming through. We all had our passports and our registration and insurance for our truck and our bike. We didn’t get asked for our registration, title, or insurance going into Mexico. We did have two wheelchairs in the bed of our truck next to our Dyna; one of which we were donating to “La Montana” school for disabled children and young adults. I was blessed with a wife that always does the nicest things for kids with special needs. We got to our hotel late Wednesday night. We knew it was the Playa Bonita “Rally Central” when we saw the giant Law Tigers tiger head by the guard gate located a quarter-mile before the main entrance to the hotel. Traci and I put our monster Quick Throttle banner up at the hotel; right away we felt a “part of” this huge event. Oscar Palacio of the RPR was kind enough to give us rooms for our stay at the Playa Bonita Resort beautifully located right on the beach. With a restaurant next door and plenty to do on the beach, we noticed families staying at the Playa Bonita without going into town at all during their stay. In our case Eliott kept an eye on his sister most of the time at the hotel while Traci and I did our coverage of the Rally.

This school is dear to us since our daughter Sonya is “special.” The Principal Lizeth Jimenez Acosta and Social Worker Brenda Bustamante showed us around campus. We were warmly welcomed by the staff and about forty special kids. The kids were so nice to Sonya, she was welcomed and we could tell she loved this special place immediately.

Since the last Rally, because of donations from the RPR and others, the school was able to have several renovations done: a new van, with a cool paint job, to transport the kids on field trips, and two beautiful sturdy all metal canopies to cover their playground area. The highlight of the day for the kids was holding up our 12’ Quick Throttle Magazine banner for photos; the kids were so excited. Getting the little guys ‘n’ girls to sit still was kind of like corralling cats. With the help of the staff we managed to get a great shot.

Thursday afternoon we spent downtown in Malecon (The Old Port), checking out the shops and not really knowing how we would be received with our 18-year-old son and Sonya in her wheelchair. “Who are these bikers with cameras getting out of a truck with a young student and a kid in a wheel chair?!”. Well we couldn’t have asked for a better reception. The locals were so nice, most going out of their way to make us feel welcome.

Our friend Max Fu, President of the Rocky Point Riders MC, met us and treated us to the best, of course seafood, meal we have had since the last time we were here. Max made fun of me for ordering quesadillas and a Coke… the restaurant owner knew Max, saw what I was eating, and brought us some shrimp the size of small lobsters covered in Mexican cheese. I have to tell you; my mouth is watering right now thinking about my first bite into that buttery- cheese-filled shrimp. All the while we are seeing shrimp boats, pelicans slamming into the water and hearing more and more bikes, quads, and ATV’s rolling into Old Town Malecon.

Friday RPR was in full swing with a charity poker run, run to the Schuk Toak Visitors Center of Pinacate Biosphere Reserve, a Pirate Boat Cruise (free with your registration), and a beach fiesta at the playa Bonita; all this along with the Old Port filling up with, literally, thousands of bikes not to mention, a couple miles away, “Calle 13” where a whole different party is going on. Traci and I were all over the place on this trip to Rocky Point, seasoned professionals at partying at this port city.

Friday and Saturday night we spent on Calle 13 at the Rocky Point Riders stage with our friend Max’s MC the Rocky Point Riders, his beautiful wife, and their grown up kids. The bands that played were something else; one band looked like a bunch of cowboys and then busted out some Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin. Another band (Linea Roja TJ band) we really liked played songs from Ramstein, Pink Floyd, CCR… then some Mexican tunes that it seemed like everybody else knew the words to but us; caught up in the moment we did our best lip sync.

Picture this: two huge stages set back 300 feet or so from Calle 13 (13th Street). Thousands of people watching each stage with wall-to-wall people and bikes on this crazy street …just the way we like it. Max let me get on stage to get some pictures of the crowd during the Miss RPR contest. I was given the keys to a custom Sportster the Rocky Point Riders were giving away; they wanted me to start it up and show folks that it ran… We got to embarrass our son by sending Miss RPR and the runner-up over to dance with him. Some drunk guy just about ran the prize bike into the crowd. When the bike was given away everyone within twenty feet of the bike and the winner got soaked with beer, a universal custom exercised around the world where happy friends make sure many cans of beer are properly shook up to the point that dozens of “beer spray heads” go off simultaneously and anyone nearby is forced to participate. Similar to a sports play-off/ championship win celebration.

Of course we got pictures; a biker television show based in Mexico called, you guessed it, Biker TV was there; their cameras and ours got a little beer on em… I gave them the heads up because a club member got patched-in earlier in the evening and the guy got soaked by his brothers with beer and I figured they would do the same for the bike winner and… I was right… party on!

Riding out of Calle 13 can be a challenge; we made a short video of us working our way through the crowd on our Dyna Friday night; we posted that live on our Quick Throttle Magazine Facebook page. We wanted to give our Facebook followers an idea of what it’s like to “ride” through the crowd of people partying on that street.

We started our Saturday morning riding the Dyna down to Blvd. Fremont (Fremont Boulevard) where the RPR Parade was to begin. If you are coming to this Rally, you have to check out this parade; be in this parade!…everybody is here! At the front of the parade, every year, the town gives a recognition award to someone for their dedication to supporting the Rally. This year the Mayor Kiko Munro and the RPR President Oscar Palacio awarded a plaque to Law Tigers Co-Owner & VP of Marketing Ari Levenbaum in recognition of a decade of continued support.

Remember to bring candy to throw to the kids, they line the parade route. The kids along the parade route all seemed like pros with pinpoint timing at snapping up the treats. Working our way to the front we stopped and did photos and video of the motorcycles with endless supplies of candy.

The parade ended at an already packed Old Port AKA “Mardi Gras meets Sturgis”. With beads flying, beer bongs, tequila shots, burnouts, and music blaring we slowly crept our way into the world of crazy…One thing you gotta do if you are planning on riding through these crowded areas is make sure your bike is tuned properly and full of oil and water if it takes it. You will sit for five and sometimes ten minutes in the same spot. Best thing to do is pull in early, park your bike, remember your spot and enjoy the show.

Traci and I rode in a little late because of the parade and were dead-stopped entering Old Port. Traci jumped off to see what was going on and she ended up getting our second viral video of the Rally. What was happening was, a girl got off a bike ahead of us to try her hand at pole dancing on a pole located on the back of a HUGE golf-cart-looking thing, with music bumping heavy from a very loud stereo system. Evidently girls have been doing this all morning, hence the backup. Traci snuck in and got the live video straight to our QT Facebook Page…We are the team! After getting by this spot we saw another familiar Law Tigers tiger head in the distance. Ari, Bob and their Law Tigers booth were right there, next to the main stage where the action was, and the Rocky Point Rally bike show bikes all around. The band “The Black Moods” were playing on the stage that backed up to the shore. You could watch the band with a background only God could set up. The next band up was Mogollon. No need to feel shy about dancing anywhere anytime at this event. It was hard not to be drawn toward the women, and some men covered in beads.

Not your average rally where pretty girls are working for vendors, sure there were some, but for the most part it was hard to tell the difference between a scantily clad worker or attendee. I walked up to a middle-aged woman wearing a helmet with a unicorn type horn on it, and asked her, “How’d you get so many beads?” and she said, with a wink and a stare, “Ya wanna see?” I was like “ahhhhhhh let me ask my ole lady”…. lol.

Next thing I know Traci comes up to me with this very same woman, and asks if i could take their picture together. Her ole man was next to me at the time and said, “Go for it!”…Let’s just say I will post the shot that won’t get us kicked off of Facebook.

Remember what happens in Rocky Point… Stays in Rocky Point

Bike show winners:

01) Election of Judges- Rocky Hills
02) Best in Show- Daniel Davis
03) Best Chopper- Jorge Dominguez
04) Best Vintage- Steve Bacchus
05) Best Bagger- Jose Samalot
06) Best Paint- Manny Dacas
07) Most Inventiveness- Lencho Ambriz
08) Best Sport Bike- Raul Rodriguez
09) Best Metric- Gar Lewis
10) Best Custom-Jose Herrera
11) Best Trike- Lorenzo
12) People’s Choice- Dazzlin (QT Shannon Venturo)

We strongly suggest That you add a day to your Rocky Point Rally experience to enjoy the beautiful beaches, swim in the ocean, or just kick back in your room or campsite. We did and it was one of our favorite parts of the trip. A little “calm” mixed with “crazy” always makes for a balanced adventure and the Rocky Point Rally is a true adventure every year. Pin this one on your calendar.

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Bonus Facebook Live Coverage!

Shannon Venturo introduces the Bike Parade benefitting the Red Cross

Shannon Ventura hanging out with the ladies, watching the crowd from the balcony

Shannon Venturo interviews Ari from the Law Tigers

Shannon Venturo interviews the guys from Sanborn’s Mexican Insurance