2013 Victory Boardwalk – QT Exclusive!

QT Exclusive! A New Victory motorcycle for 2013

The Boardwalk

By Gary Koz Mraz, Photos by Brian J Nelson

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Victory released a brand new motorcycle in July called the Boardwalk. It’s low, laid-back classic cruiser touting an impressive collection of accessories that make the Boardwalk a comfortable 2-up cruiser for longer rides. A low seat height, large unencumbered floorboards and the widest handlebars of any Victory model make for comfortable ergonomics. It takes just minutes to add several new Lock & Ride accessories to customize the Victory Boardwalk for extended riding.

The Victory Boardwalk is available in solid black or solid pearl white. The premium paint is complemented by ample chrome, including the headlight, gauge housing, handlebars, exhaust, belt guard, engine and ignition covers, turn signal housings, and fender struts. Long, stylish fenders wrap around the whitewall tires, and a raised spine runs the length of the bike on the fenders and the new 4.7-gallon fuel tank. The rear fender hosts a flush-mounted, tall taillight, and there is powerful LED lighting in the brake lamp and turn signals for excellent visibility. The whitewalls are mounted on 60-spoke, laced chrome wheels that elevate Boardwalk’s styling.

The comfortable seat features a height of just 25.9”, giving every rider an easy reach to the pavement. Roomy and open floorboards complement the comfortable seating, and the wide handlebars are within easy reach for sure control and a relaxed riding position. An accessory heel shifter is available for those who prefer it.

The 43mm-diameter telescopic forks deliver a smooth ride and sure, easy handling. A single gas shock in the rear provides a plush ride and its performance is complemented by a preload-adjustable spring to suit any riding style. The 16” chrome laced wheels are shod with premium Metzler tires, 150mm wide in the rear and 130mm wide up front.

Lock & Ride® accessories include Boardwalk Saddlebags, the Tall Boardwalk Windscreen, Boardwalk Passenger Backrest, and 2-Up Luggage Rack. With Victory-exclusive Lock & Ride® technology, all of the accessories mentioned above can be added to a Victory Boardwalk in just minutes. These Victory Boardwalk accessories – as well as heated grips and cruise control – were developed in conjunction with this new model to ensure the easiest installation, best fit and optimal performance. In addition to these newly developed accessories, many more accessories are available including handlebars, grips, exhausts, custom engine covers, foot pegs, floorboards and more.

The Victory Boardwalk is powered by the strong, proven and reliable Victory Freedom® 106/6 drive train – a 106-c.i. V-Twin teamed with a 6-speed transmissionwith overdrive.

This air- and oil-cooled engine is fuel-injected and counter-balanced, so it delivers smooth, efficient, reliable performance. The Victory Boardwalk’s engine serves up 113 ft.-lb. of torque. The engine is solid-mounted in the frame, making it a stressed member of the chassis. This gives the bike outstanding torsional rigidity and enhances handling. When a Victory Boardwalk gets into a corner at speed, there’s no frame flex, no wobble.

This drive train provides industry-leading ease of maintenance. The recommended oil change interval is every 5,000 miles, which keeps a lid on the cost of ownership.

Solid Black US: $15,499
Solid Pearl White US: $15,899


  • NEW Lock & Ride® Saddle Bag $849.99
  • NEW Lock & Ride® Saddlebag Mounting Kit $159.99
  • NEW Lock & Ride® Sissy Bar $399.99
  • NEW Lock & Ride® Passenger Luggage Rack $199.99
  • NEW Lock & Ride® Traditional Windscreen $499.99
  • Lock & Ride® Windscreen Mount $139.99
  • NEW Boardwalk Cruise Control $449.99
  • Heated Grips $199.99
  • Stage 1 X-Bow Exhaust $999.99

2 thoughts on “2013 Victory Boardwalk – QT Exclusive!”

  1. Hi My namne is Tommy i live in Sweden
    Do you know where I can find
    NEW Lock & Ride® Sissy Bar
    NEW Lock & Ride® Passenger Luggage Rack
    Victory Boardwalk?

    Best Regards

  2. Victory says they have about 60 accessories for the new Boardwalk. This is false. I have ordered the saddle bags, windshield, cruise control and mounting brackets for the windshield. I bought this bike in July when it first came out. I got the windshield mounting brackets in a couple weeks. The saddle bags haven’t come, the windshield came last month an was defective. They replaced it in a week. The cruise control was missing parts and they sent the missing parts in a couple days. The cruise control that they sent was also missing parts. After installation it didn’t work. The techs at Victory offered suggestions on making it work but it never worked. They finally stated they would have to go back to the drawing board and make something else. VICTORY…. Don’t promise accessories that you don’t have in stock. I am sick and tired of waiting on accessories that you say you have an then find out you don’t have them. I spent over $70,000 on Victory bikes and accessories this last year and planned on buying 2 more this year but you can forget about it. YOU LET ME DOWN. Your bikes are great but your management SUCKS.

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