QT Newsletter – 2011 Toy Runs

2011 Toy Runs

In 2011 there are many toy runs happening, in fact there may be more than ever. Why? Because the need out there is greater than ever. No doubt you, like the rest of us, are strapped for cash right now though, and you might not be giving like you did last year. Everybody gets that, even the charities who badly need your giving. I’ve found lately that, as corny as this may sound, just let your heart be your guide. If you feel moved to contribute to help a Veteran’s home get new blankets, or to bring a toy to a child at CHOC or to a church who’s organized a drive for some local families, then do it. You’ll feel great, and chances are your other personal needs will work themselves out. It’s amazing how often that happens for people who think of others first.

Keep your friends and family close this season, go out of your way to show a kindness to someone who’d never expect it from you, and you’ll have the magical Christmas season that you dreamed about as a child. Those still happen, you just have to nudge them along.

Giving is still the best thing we do in the Biker community, it’s the best part of who we are.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and have a great and prosperous New Year!