2011 – The Year in Pictures

The Year in Pictures

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, but they probably should have said that about a GOOD picture. When its good there’s little need for explanation or description. The work featured here, by Quick Throttle’s finest Motojournalists and Photographers like Randy Twells, Art Hall and George Childress, should hopefully speak for itself. That said, we did add a bit of context below each shot so you’ll know where it came from, and be able to find more pics and info in the Biker Galleries and in past issues online. Click HERE to see more!

To borrow a cliché, it certainly was a year of triumph and tragedy. Maybe more of the latter, but we’ve been living through a tough time, to say the least. To use another cliche though, and one we wholeheartedly believe in, “What does not kill us, makes us stronger.” our mettle has been forged in the fires of adversity and from those trials will come, we hope, a New Year of new strength, new resolve and new opportunities, yet balanced with a much-needed humility.

From all of us here at Quick Throttle Magazine, may you have a successful and prosperous 2012. And if you have any suggestions to make US the best we can be, please write us at publisher@quickthrottle.com.

Happy New Year!

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