2008 Rip’s Bad Ride Bike Games

Rip’s BAD Ride XI was held at Oak Canyon Park on the 8th of June 2008. The B.A.D Ride was started in Southern California by Rip Rose, a biker and photojournalist for Easyriders, who wanted to bring the biker nation together in the fight against diabetes. Today, that dream is a reality. Rip died of diabetes. He had such an effect on those who knew him that his friends aligned with the American Diabetes Association to continue the fund raising events in Rip’s honor.

This year as in the last 6 years, ABATE Local 8 and ABATE Safety and Awareness Program put on the games. This year members of ABATE Locals 20 and 9 helped with the effort. Wheel Works of Garden Grove, CA provided impressive 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place trophies for each bike game.

Three games were included in this year’s event. The Weenie Bite, a crowd favorite, was the first game. The BAD Ride attracts a wide variety of the motorcycle riding public, many of whom are not aware or maybe just not in tune with the idea of participating in “Bike” games. It was a little hard to get a sufficient number of entrants signed up to start the game. But after we got underway the participants, both experienced and newcomers proved their skill at the weenie bite. Neil & Linda of Palmdale took first. Gary and Marie of Lancaster took second and Ron and Mindy of San Bernardino captured third place.

For the Bike Wash (a.k.a. Balloon Toss) Gary and Marie switched places. Marie showed her riding skill and Marie and Gary won first place in the Bike Wash. Neil and Lisa also winners in the weenie bite took second place. Lucky and Kyle from Riverside took third place. I found out that Kyle was Lucky’s grandson. Grandfather and grandson formed a very skilled team and had a great time doing so.

Having grandchildren of my own, they were wonderful to watch. All these contestants were so skillful that we had to raise the bar as far as it would go (over 11 feet) and finally go to much bigger balloons before any of these three teams failed to catch the balloon successfully.

We had a full slate of 16 riders competing in the slow ride. The roar of the engines always helps draw the crowd. After a lot of very skilled slow racing we finally got our winners. Eugene of Highland earned 1st place. Second and 3rd places were earned by Richard of LA and Steve of Orange. They were all masters of doing it very slowly. Eugene was so slow crossing the finish line that our judges debated charging him parking fees for spending so much time parked during the race.

Rip’s BAD Ride is a very worthy event and we were proud to be able to help make the event more memorable for competitors and audience alike. You might consider supporting Rip’s BAD Ride XII next year and demonstrate your skills in the bike games.

Larry COB ASAP Co-President ABATE Local 8

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