2008 Lipstick Ride



Chester’s H-D did it again. Provided a day of entertainment, food and fun. Seems like every time I fire up my little PEZ dispenser and head for Chester’s H-D that is what I am in for.

This time it was for the Lipstick Ride. A ride to benefit abused women’s charities. It was an all girls ride headed up by one guy we just called “Eye Candy” (yes, he WAS), I’ll tell you more about Eye Candy later. So Jamie, Terry, Denny, Linda and Shelby showed up at my house bright and early Saturday morning – you know like 10:45-ish — and we headed east.

This ride was to benefit the Swan Riders. The Swan Riders is a charitable organization that helps to inform women that they don’t have to take abuse. They go to places where abused women often end up like the prison system or shelters and try to show them the light. For more information on the Swan Riders visit their website or contact Sandra directly at swanrider@cox.net or visit their website at www.swanrider.org.

Here’s the ride part. We headed on a ride that went the back way around Saguaro Lake (or is it Sahuaro Lake) and made a couple stops along the way. The first stop was at a rest stop I never knew existed. It had a campground with full hookups, tent spots, the whole shebang. Next stop was at the Casino. I am not much of the gambling type but when Jamie and Terry suggested the penny slots, I knew I had made some new best friends. We grabbed our drinks and scoured the place until we found our niche. OK so penny slots aren’t as cheap as they make it sound because you got throw down a lot of pennies each roll, but it still seems cheaper than the nickel or quarter slots. The three of us stood around one machine and talked dirty to it and asked it perform for us as if we were talking dirty to our men. OK – it’s a girl thing. We walked away sad that we had each lost our $3.00 because our machine did not perform as we had liked.

Now, back to “Eye Candy.” I have to tell you ladies, he did have an appropriate name. AND this guy had the gig. His job was to escort 30 ladies around for the afternoon. Some guys may have thought this was disaster waiting to happen, but he jumped at the chance. We followed his bottom, I mean his bike, through the hills and the greenery of the freshly rained on desert. It was so awesome to see our beautiful piece of earth most refer to as the desert bursting with the energy of the green grasses and the yellow and orange poppies. Or maybe it was awesome to watch his bottom make each curve…. OK I am getting dreamy here.

As any good journalist would have done, I asked “Eye Candy” what his real name is for reference in my article and he said “Eye Candy”. His momma must have known something most of us mothers don’t.

When it came time to draw for the winners, Eye Candy pulled the names. We had to ask him to face the other way while he did it. He thought it was so he couldn’t see inside the barrel, we just wanted to look at his derrière. There were a plethora of prizes to be handed out. Jamie won a hair cut and blow dry, Terry and I got to watch Eye Candy hand out the rest prizes. We all won!!! Linda, Denny and Shelby never made it out of the Casino to head back to Chester’s Harley-Davidson. I should probably call them and make sure they made it home safe.

The real winners of the day were the beneficiaries of the Swan Rides. All told I think we raised a handful of money that hopefully will help at least one woman. And if that is the case then the whole day was worth it.

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