2008 International Motorcycle Show, Seattle WA


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The huge International Motorcycle Show made its usual December appearance in Seattle this year and once again brought with it freakish foul weather and weirdness!

The show which runs over three days is a traveling carnival of all things motorcycle including on road, off road, ATVs, touring bikes, accessories, motor clothes and vendors galore. This year we noticed that they seemed to have cornered the market on Motor Scooters as well with lots of M/S exhibits and accessories. Every major manufacturer showed his product line as well as many accessory and parts dealers as well. Absent to a great degree were the custom builders and chopper guys from years past. Also absent were many local vendors who with business down did not feel they could afford the pricey booth space rent at Qwest Field Exhibition Center. I think they made a mistake because the show was packed despite bad weather and record low temperatures with serious and committed riders looking to see what their future purchases might look like. Rich’s Custom Seats, Windskarph and a few other local dealers did make the show and were rewarded with some excellent sales and awareness of their products. Ridley showed its new automatic transmission trike and there were many other new bikes and products there as well.