2008 Big Dog

With two chopper-style bikes and three pro-street models – including the completely redesigned Pitbull and all-new Mutt

WICHITA, Kansas (September 5, 2007) – Big Dog Motorcycles, the world’s largest manufacturer of custom bikes, jump-started the custom motorcycle niche nearly 15 years ago, and, with each model year, new benchmarks are set in terms of style, technology, and riding comfort. For 2008, Big Dog Motorcycles again shows off its engineering prowess and builds on its already impressive resume of award-winning motorcycle designs and technology, riding comfort, and providing the enthusiast pure exhilaration.

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The soul-stirring 117 cubic inch engine (1,916cc) and award-winning 6-speed BDM Balance Drive again come standard on every model.

New Looks For Big Dog Motorcycles ProStreet Line: Pitbull, Mutt, and Mastiff

While the tightly drawn, retro lines of the redesigned Pitbull are like nothing else in the 2008 line, the power, performance, handling features, and other across-the-board components make it immediately identifiable as a Big Dog motorcycle. The Pitbull confidently takes its place as the stand-out of the line with its new spring seat, semi-bobbed rear fender, contoured and distinguishing one-piece 4.6 gallon fuel tank, and a taller wheel combination. – 20” x 101/2” rear with its partner, a 23” x 31/2” front – and frame geometry. The new rigid frame design cradles the ultra fat 280mm rear tire; its traditional stretch of 6” over standard backbone and 1” over standard down tube, and 31-degree rake magnifies the retro design while providing excellent low-speed maneuvering, high-speed handling, and strong turning performance. Other standard features include 4-piston billet caliper brakes (front and rear) and 2-piece rotors for confident stopping; speedometer with integrated LED tachometer; 2-into-1 exhaust; durable steel fenders; and gleaming chrome and polished billet components throughout.

Riders can customize their 2008 Pitbull with over seventy graphic options and a selection of vibrant base colors, diamond-cut heads and cylinders, and an extensive line of aftermarket accessories.


Very maneuverable, agile, and exhilarating, the all-new Mutt is compatible with any rider. Its tire combination – a 250mm rear and skinny 21” front – make the Mutt the narrowest motorcycle in the 2008 line-up. The tire combination also makes the motorcycle extremely agile. The enthusiast will quickly notice its marked ability to maneuver any course, and any corner, with ease and assurance. 2-into-1 exhaust, vibrant paint, gleaming chrome and billet, fat rear tire, and proprietary components round out the distinct look. The Mutt’s frame geometry contributes to its confident stance. The bike’s 37-degree frame rake, fork length of just 2” over standard, and 4.25” ground clearance make the motorcycle easy to maneuver. The A-frame swingarm rear hidden shocks and 41mm telescopic front suspension amplifies the motorcycle’s smooth ride characteristics. And the 6” stretch in the backbone and 81/2-foot length adds to its appeal. Chrome 80-spoke wheels help give the Mutt its custom appearance with just a touch of retro.


The Mastiff is stretched long and low and continues the same frame geometry as 2007. Its 6” backbone stretch and 2” over standard fork length is magnified with an 81/2-foot long stance, 39-degree frame rake, and curved down tubes. Add this to its hidden-shock suspension, and the Mastiff is remarkable not only for weekend boulevard riding with It’s 300mm rear, but is also a very athletic cruiser through mountain curves.

Chopper Line: K-9 & Ridgeback

The two-model strategy for Big Dog Motorcycles’ 2008 Chopper line brings aggressive designs, the fattest tire ever used by the company, and optimal ride quality to the market. With a massive 330mm rear tire cradled within a rigid frame, combined with its muscular nine foot long stance, the Ridgeback is the most radical motorcycle in the 2008 line. Yet even with a tire size of that magnitude, the 700-pound bike is still very manageable.  To accommodate the new tire size, Big Dog Motorcycles re-designed the rigid frame yet kept its aggressive geometry intact. The robust 11/2” frame has an 8” stretch in the backbone and a 4” stretch in the down tubes. That, combined with the 12” over standard fork length and 39- degree frame rake, creates an awe-inspiring posture.

Now in its third year, the nine-foot long K-9 returns with K-9 the features that made it one the company’s most sought after bikes. Its 300mm rear tire and hidden shock suspension is a radical combination of eye-catching style and mind-blowing rideability.

Other features closely align the K-9 and Ridgeback. With a long wheel base and rebellious 39-degree frame rake, the K-9 shares the backbone and down tube stretch, sweeping one-piece tank, fork length and seat height. While they are similar, they appeal to two completely different riders.

“The Ridgeback unabashedly targets the rider looking for the most aggressive, hardcore, fattest tire rigid custom cruiser on the market combined with tremendous excitement, performance, and handling,” Messer explained. “The K-9 buyer is looking for the smoothest riding, radical chopper available. Neither will disappoint.”