2007 Street Vibrations Reno

Article by Babydoll Pics by Babydoll, Gump, Becka & Lexi

This was the 14th Annual Street Vibration Celebration with approximately 40,000 motorcycles roaring into the streets of Reno from September 19th through the 23rd. Street Vibes has grown to be the 6th largest event in the Nation with Sponsored activities located throughout Reno, Sparks, Carson City and Virginia City. There is so much to do, that you cannot choose to do it all. You just have to keep coming back each year for more action packed adventure.

Some of the choices of activities began at Carson City Harley-Davidson. Live bands started on Thursday, to sorta get you in the grove of partying with Donnie and the Wayrads and of course you had a variety of food and vendors to tickle your fancy. On Friday and Saturday, they had the death-defying stunt showmanship of 111 Conduct and Livfast and The Steel Breeze Band entertained the crowd as they stayed and played or stopped in for a quick bite and a peek.

Reno Harley-Davidson hosted the ever popular Dyno Drags and 25 of the newest and shiniest Harley Davidson’s for people to get a feel for, test and hopefully buy a new ride. They had lots of colorful vendors to fill any biker’s needs, along with music and tasty food catered by H.O.G. Heaven Catering. Poker Walks, Poker Runs, Ride in Shows, Biker Games and even Roller Derby action with hot lookin’ babes for the first time at Street Vibes by Rink Rash Rally took place throughout the four action packed days. Of course there were 250 Vendors on both sides of downtown streets for your perusal, which is great, but like most other runs, no personal bikes were allowed to ride through anymore. There was the “VIP” (paid with your ticket) parking, which keeps your bike safe, but we all loved the bikes coming down the middle of the main street, burning a little rubber now and then and getting some oohs and ahs and seeing the hottest custom bikes parked on the street for us to gawk at.

I went on the Cathouse Run again this year because I just can’t miss that one. I just love watching the guys get so silly around the girls in scantily clad clothing walkin’ and talkin’ soooo sexy. I just wanna know how they walk in those really high platform shoes??? I would be on my fanny in two seconds. Actually, I have spent time with some of the ladies there and one in particular was very special to me. I will just call her “Marilyn” for now because she dressed in white and had that Marilyn Monroe look. She is just a sweet ol’ Southern girl and has the sweetest disposition and has even posed for Playboy. The gals from the Cathouses were all warm and friendly to both the men and women and the run was totally a blast.

Usually after our tour of the Cathouses, we ride up to Virginia City, but it was rumored that if you wore colors you would be immediately arrested. I couldn’t believe that Virginia City would turn on their biker friends, but more than just a few people heard this. Finally, one of the guys said they checked it out and it was true – no colors were allowed. The outcome to this rumor was that many Patchholder’s and their Prospect’s would not visit my favorite little town.

In Previous years, I have written about Virginia City and how laid back it is and how much I love it there. The crowds are great and it is much like a mini Sturgis, but I felt a loyalty to the many clubs and decided to support them and I did not go up to the little tourist town. It was almost painful to me. However, when I got home, I called the Sheriff’s department and spoke to Lieutenant Parsons who gave me a whole different take on the story.

He said that a few months back this rumor started in town and he and the Sheriff tried to squash it then, but it kept popping up. Many visitors wearing colors frequent this tourist town and have never been turned away, according to Parsons. He also told me that the Sheriff is an avid motorcycle rider himself and Street Vibes is the biggest weekend they have up there. With the biggest crowd they have all year long they only made two arrests for D.U.I.’s during Street Vibes. Parsons also said he has a much more aggressive crowd on 4th of July and that the Street Vibes crowd is a pretty good crowd to host and they don’t have a problem with motorcycle clubs at all, as long as everyone is cool. They just cannot figure out how the rumor kept popping up. So guys, “you are all welcome to Virginia City anytime” and that is a quote from Lieutenant Parsons.

When someone invites you to a party a month earlier and then personally calls you on the phone to make sure you are coming, you feel an obligation to be there, and I was honored to go the Renegade Classics Party of Reno. The weather was so windy that night that the cold wind was just cut through my clothes. The party was outside, so can you imagine these women on stage in a bikini contest in 50 degree weather with a wind chill of about 30??? They were such great sports, and danced with a huge smile on their faces and the guys, as always, hooting, hollering, whistling, and cajoling.

The staff was great and took time to show me around and point out merchandise to me, and allowed me to take pictures of the girls. They had food, drinks, raffle prizes and music for everyone. In spite of the weather I think they had a great turn out and it was a successful evening for them. Since I have been to Virginia City every year for the past four years, I think this was worth missing one year to spend an evening with some new friends.

I visited all the Casinos, tried different restaurants, watched a good imitation of the Rolling Stones at the El Dorado, went to Ron Simms Showroom of Custom Bikes which was jaw dropping. I love Ron Simms! He always takes time out of a very busy schedule to talk with me. That is a good Nor Cal guy! Visit him when you are in the Nor Cal area. He has some of the most awesome bikes you’ll ever see and some pretty cool clothing as well.

There was some action at each Casino. The Sands hosted the Wet-T-Shirt Contest, and of course that is where I stayed. The Grand Sierra Resort and Casino hosted Boxing after dark with NBC’s “Contender” Joey Gilbert who knocked out Charlie Howe in the first round. However, the 31-year-old Gilbert tested positive for steroids, methamphetamines and other drugs, both before and after his first round victory(Yahoo Sports).

There was a Tattoo Expo and over 100 vendors at the Reno Events Center, which was temperature controlled and this year that was much appreciated. Greg Rolie, the original lead singer from Santana, along with three of Santana’s rhythm section made for a great sound that we are all so familiar with and love, at the Atlantis. George Thorogood and the Destroyers blasted the Silver Legacy’s crowd with his, as he calls it “clever’ combo of rock and blues.

I had three friends that were throwing parties at their own brand new bars. The first bar was “Fat Daddy’s” owned by Mondo and Tuffy of the Boozefighter’s and the other was “Bar USA”, owned by none other than my darlin friend Vanilla Dawg of Iron Nation. I took a little time to see all my friends and checked out their new watering holes. Please stop in and see their new biker bars and tell them Babydoll sent you for a super warm welcome, when next you visit Reno.

Finally, I watched the fireworks over the Silver Legacy with my family. That’s when I saw all the kids wide-eyed and sittin’ atop Daddy’s shoulders and their moms smiling as the fireworks splashed, crackled and burst through the sky in brilliant colors. It was a perfect ending to a wild and crazy few days. It was mellow, a time for me to wind down and hug my daughter, who is always so patient with my work. I could relax now and just enjoy the brilliance of the lights and the rest of the night.

Oh, did I mention that I fulfilled a fantasy of mine, since I watched the movie Coyote Ugly? No, I did not wake up next to someone I didn’t know! I got up and danced on the bar at Shooter’s. Shooter’s is a great bar downtown where women get up on the bar and dance. I didn’t know what I was doing and almost killed myself and the bartender, but I had a great time doing it!!!

Thanks Reno, Sparks, Virginia and Carson Cities and RoadShows for the warm welcome and your never-ending hospitality.