20 Questions (sort of) with Kerri Kasem

20 Questions (sort of) with Kerri Kasem

By Lisa Dalgaard
Photos: www.michaelhelms.com

We spoke with Kerri Kasem on a Wednesday just after she wrapped up her radio show with Nicki Sixx (of Motley Crue) called SIXX SENSE.

Kerri3243First question I ask her is, are you really a motorcycle rider? It’s hard to believe this beautiful 5’ 6” cover model and radio personality can ride most any bike and is an avid rider. She tells me she rides several times a week and has been since she was a child. The more I find out about Kerri, the more interesting she gets.

Kerri Kasem is the daughter of legendary multimedia personality, producer and writer Casey Kasem and even though Karri has built her own incredible reputation as a radio personality in her own right, She probably doesn’t get through a week without someone mentioning her Dad’s name. This week, it was me. Of course her Dad influenced her somewhat in her choice to continue in his radio footstep but was it a passion or did she get into the family biz to continue a tradition? A little of both she says. Radio must be in the Kasem blood because she and her brother are both TV and Radio personalities. Kerri and her brother Mike both worked with MTV Asia in Japan and her bro is still going strong there. Working as a VJ at MTV Asia, Kerri Kasem became a celebrity in the Far East. Upon her return to the U.S., Kerri appeared on the Party Zone, Headbangers Ball, Most Wanted, and MTV Land.

73060_159144747457840_142845292421119_261135_7691009_nKerri later hooked up with MTV and landed a gig co-hosting Senseless Acts of Video with extreme stuntman Troy Hartman. The program gave her the opportunity to participate in some of her favorite activities, including snowboarding, skydiving, dirt biking, and bungee jumping. Her physical prowess made her the perfect host for another MTV production, the network’s Sports & Music Festival.

In 2003, Kerri signed up to the ESPN reality show Beg, Borrow and Deal 2, which premiered in July of that year. Shortly thereafter, she was given hosting duties for SiTV’s The Rub. She’s also does work in the UFC!

DrummerBMCIn addition to her television work, Kerri also anchors some syndicated radio programs. She does stand-up performances and sketches for All Comedy Radio and cohosts the NASCAR show Racing Rocks! with Riki Rachtman. In 2005, she was on Speed Channels Build or Bust where she was the novice builder who was confident enough to take on a 30 day bike build against Master bike builder Gard Hollinger of L.A. County Choprods. She did an amazing job but in the end, Gard’s expertise won out.