19th Annual Run 21 Bike Rally

By Darlene Stickler, Miles Stickler & Jenna Adams

We have been looking forward to Run 21 for quite a while; it is a local run that’s located in Otis, Oregon, which is relatively close to our neck of the woods, and it’s always a great time! This year we invited two Run 21 virgins to go along with us because as they say, “Seeing is believing.”

We took a slow scenic route from Olympia down the coast along Highway 101, stopping here and there for refreshments, and of course, a quick stop at the Tillamook Cheese Factory.


Since we got there on Thursday we paid a little extra for early entrance and quickly found our group from Olympia. The place was filling up fast and promising to be one hell of a party.

Some event attendees opted to tent or RV camp onsite while others decided to stay in hotels that are located just four miles up the road in Lincoln City which overlooks the Pacific Ocean. Either way you couldn’t go wrong.

The “downtown” area (vendor row, bike games, bike show, stage, area) was separated from the enormous camp site area by a long line of lush trees.

Thursday night was by no means dull – the band Hat Trick took to the massive stage and played until about 7:45pm. Next up was Radio Riots who played until the early morning hours. What a great way to kick off this year’s Run 21 bike rally!


Puddle of Mudd

Friday’s biker games were for couples who were Run 21 virgins. They played a multi-round game I had never seen before involving an apple being tied around one person’s waist while their partner had to eat the apple without using your hands. This game got a ton of laughs from the crowd and was a great way to break in the virgins!

Afterwards we walked around in the 90+ degree sunshine and checked out vendor row which was impressively full of interesting vendors and food trucks that easily handled the ever-growing crowd. We made sure to sample the Indian taco on fry bread from one vendor, a big juicy burger from another and an Italian sausage from another vendor. We discovered a new delicious beer, a berry wheat, from Rusty Truck Brewing, the ladies found some jewelry they really liked, my brother got himself a hand-tooled leather wallet, another brother bought a nice knife and he had the sheath riveted to his chaps; I’ve never seen that before and thought it was cool.

The evening entertainment began with music by Madwagon; next up Johnny Wheels played for the large crowd that surrounded the stage. Around 9:30 a bevy of women made their way to the stage for the jiggling contest… um, no explanation needed here. The winner received free body painting of her choice.

After the contest, Fridays’ headlining band Mogollon rocked the crowd until midnight or so.


Saturday morning everyone woke up, downed some coffee or started their day with some ‘hair of the dog’ therapy while many riders fired up their bikes and rode over to the “downtown” area to take part in the bike show. There were all types of cool bikes entered and they were sprawled all over.

Soon after the bike show wrapped up, the bike games began, which consisted of the weenie bite, slow races, keg roll, ring toss and the cone and ball game. The competition was fun and fierce.

Next up was a Run 21 crowd favorite – the burnout contest. A handful of bikes competed and two guys split the winnings. One bike produced more smoke and the other had a larger crowd applause. One bike was a Yamaha, and the other, a Harley.

Around 3pm a flatbed trailer was rolled into the bike game area signaling it was time for the wet t-shirt contest. Approximately 25 women of all shapes and sizes took part in this event.

Over the next couple of hours we grabbed a bite to eat, enjoyed a few beers and hung out with our friends.

Before we knew it, we could hear music thumping from the stage so we went to go check it out. It was the Mike Branch band who played for the next couple hours. After they wrapped up, Motorbreath played until 9:30pm.

While the band was breaking down their equipment, all of the Run 21 volunteers were brought up on stage, acknowledged and thanked, receiving a round of applause by the Run 21 crowd.

Next up was the main attraction and headlining band for this year’s Run 21 bike rally – Puddle of Mudd! Wow! Seeing a band of this caliber play at this venue on a gorgeous summer night kicked ass! The band put on a hell of a show and rocked this event until the early morning hours.

Sunday was another beautiful morning which started off with half price breakfast at the food vendors, packing up camp, sharing pictures, talking trash and telling lies.


We had a great time at this year’s 19th Annual Run 21. The staff worked their tails off to ensure that everyone had a fun and memorable experience. Run 21 is known as “Oregon’s largest old school bike rally” for a reason. It has a fun, let loose, (almost) anything goes kind of vibe.

We caught up with Darrin “Durwood” Tuers, the Run 21 organizer about a week later and we asked him if he had anything he’d like to share with the Quick Throttle readers and this is what he had to say, “What a great turnout! We had over 2,000 people come out for this year’s Run 21 event! I couldn’t pull this off without the help of my amazing team which includes – my beautiful wife Barbara Tuers, my right hand man Curt Deel and his beautiful wife Wendy Deel, my left hand man Keith Morris and his beautiful wife Lisa Sokol-Morris. They managed our amazing Run 21 crew members. I’d also like to thank the awesomeness of Joseph Kennedy, owner of Dying Breed Leathers, who designs all of our Run 21 artwork. A special thank you goes out to our 2018 Sponsors: OEM Media, Rusty Truck Brewing and High Caliber Millwright.

But most of all, thank you to everybody for coming out to Oregon’s #1 bike rally – Run 21! I look forward to seeing you in 2019!”

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